Shree Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library envisions itself to be a proactive and unique library and inspiring beacon facilitating lifelong learining, universal access to knowledge and dedicated to inculcate reading culture among people and more particularly among children, so as to conserve and preserve literature, culture and heritage. It is also our vision to be a global model and a site of pulsating ideas for nurturing noble and virtuous citizens and to be a center of character building for the ultimate transformation, spiritual growth and evolution of people. Also it is our vision to be the center of awakening and social enlightenment.


It is a mission of Shree Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library to be the center of “Book Pilgrimage” by achieving excellence in library and information services; by enriching life of people by celebration of ideas and promotion of creativity and innovation and by providing gateway of free access to knowledge ingrained with wisdom. It is also our mission to empower children with lifelong learning and life skills, so that they become critical thinkers, effective users of ideas and information and leaders of tommorrow. Further our mission is to make resorces available for conservatiopn and prevation of treasure, culture of knoeledge and heritage.


  • To offer great people at the service of the humanity.
  • To connect with all children and families of the neighbourhood and to see that each child is the member of the library by establishing creative linkages.