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Hell On Wheels (season 3)

12,105 views Comments (27)

Hell on Wheels AMC season 3 2013 poster

10 episodes

The new season begins with the events of winter 1867. The former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon readying to assume control of the Union Pacific Railroad, emancipated slave Elam Ferguson wondering whether wearing a badge will be too dangerous for a new family man, and railroad impresario Thomas “Doc” Durant scheming to get out of jail and back into business. (more…)


Copper (season 2)

6,682 views Comments (16)

copper BBC America season 2 poster 2013

13 episodes

Detective Kevin Corcoran seriously shaken by the truth about his wife and child, as well as the betrayal of a best friend. But he is trying to find a place in the city and see the difference between good and evil. Welcome back to Five Points. There are no city limits. (more…)


Vegas (season 1)

8,152 views Comments (21)

vegas cbs season 1 2012 poster

21 episodes

Based on a true story retro drama about cowboy Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), who became chief sheriff of Las Vegas and served in that post 18 years – from 1961 to 1979. Lamb is known for helping shape the city police department, his confrontation with the Mafia and Motoclub “Hells Angels” and that in all the years of service he have never fired in anybody . (more…)


Hell on Wheels (season 2)

9,417 views Comments (23)

Hell on Wheels AMC season 2 2012 poster

10 episodes

In the center of the narrative – a former Confederate Army soldier Cullen Bohannon. He takes revenge on the killers of his wife and does so in a very cynical and cruel manner. Cullen – a strong and charismatic personality. Such as it is either just really respect or hate. On his way Bohannan finds true friends and worst enemies. Events unfold against the backdrop of the railway construction. And the road itself – not just a decoration, but rather another hero, and not the least important. It is a symbol of the hopes, aspirations, courage, hard work, new beginnings … (more…)


Longmire (season 1)

11,785 views Comments (14)

Longmire A&E 2012 poster

10 episodes

Main character Walt Longmire is a tough guy. Only a year has passed since that moment his wife died, and the hero has not yet recovered from his grief. But no one sees his suffering, because  the sheriff is always cheerful and kind  among the people. It is applies to law-abiding citizens, but if a person violated the law, Longmire comes with him as the offender deserves. (more…)


Hell on Wheels (season 1)

11,017 views Comments (29)

Hell on Wheels Season 1

10 episodes

Historical western tells about a former slave-owner and Confederate soldiers – Cullen Bohannan. Cullen’s wife was raped and killed by the soldiers of the Union. Cullen takes matters into their own hands and kills those people, after that he turns on the construction of the railway.
The role of Cullen plays Anson Mount. (more…)