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The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

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The Cloverfield Paradox

The Earth is embraced by the global energy crisis, the geopolitical situation is strained to the limit, armed conflicts are ready to flare up around the world. Scientists of the whole planet join their efforts to avoid an imminent catastrophe. The international crew of the space station Cloverfield is conducting experiments to launch the hadronic collider, which can become an inexhaustible source of energy. Two years of hard work do not lead to positive results. And now, finally, the next testing of the accelerator is successful, the installation gives the necessary level of power. However, due to overloads, the cooling system breaks down. In a hurry, eliminating the consequences of the accident, the ship’s crew suddenly discovers that there is not the Earth anymore. Is the planet destroyed? Was Cloverfield thrown into another part of the galaxy? Did they fall into another dimension? One thing is clear: the space-time continuum has been violated.


Bomb City (2017)

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Bomb City

In this criminal drama “Bomb City”, the attitude of the whole human society to subcultures (in this movie to punks) is believable. The society is rude, tactless and tries to survive from its country in their opinion “infection” in society. Punks, in turn, try to prove that they are the same people as everyone, only with their vital position, which other people should try to understand and accept. But neither one nor another wants to hear each other. That is why there are conflicts of interest that turn into cruelty. American justice in this situation is powerless.

How to Get Away with Murder

15 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “How to Get Away with Murder” is a successful lawyer who additionally teaches at the Law University the non-standard discipline “How to avoid punishment for murder”, which is devoted to the practical study of jurisprudence. She annually selects four students for future joint work. The best of them will get a reward from the professor and an opportunity to work in one of the best law offices in the city. But her students decide in practice to apply the acquired knowledge. (more…)


Channel Zero (season 3)

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Channel Zero

6 episodes

In the center of the horror series “Channel Zero” is an incomprehensible series of murders that are associated with the release of a children’s television program popular in the 1980s. This TV program is fraught with a terrible secret that nobody can figure out. The series shows the events in two time intervals. Now and in 1988, when the protagonist was only 12 years old. In the course of the story reveals the terrible secret of murders from the past. But many things remain unclear. There are many riddle


Fifty Shades Freed (2018)

901 views Comments (0)

Fifty Shades Freed

A smart wedding and a honeymoon. Young people enjoy life, travel, love each other. Tests fall to lot of this couple and here in their lives there is a character who was hurt and offended early and who is in love with Ana. Mr. Gray buys a new house, the architect and designer is a young attractive girl and Anastasia has jealousy. Also in the life of the heroine there are enemies. Musical accompaniment, as in the first parts is at the height. (more…)


Falling Water (season 2)

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Falling Water

10 episodes

The plot of the series “Falling Water” is quite original: three young people who never cross in real life begin to see strange dreams, and each individual dream is a piece of one common. Heroes in the kingdom of Morpheus will have to solve their own quests: the first – to find a long-missing friend, the second – to get medicine for the mother, and the third – to find the disappeared child. Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, you can pick up the key both to solve a common problem, and to complete each individual quest


Jessica Jones (season 2)

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Jessica Jones

13 episodes

Who is Jessica Jones? Broken by life, not believing in good, a girl who has obvious problems with alcohol. She does not believe in herself, does not want to recognize herself as a hero, she is humbled by her former actions. She lives and works as a private detective in the same room. With neighbors, she was unlucky, as with clients in principle. And everything for her would be good except the former man who has spoiled all her past and intends to spoil the future.


Strike (season 1)

6,470 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The main hero of series “Strike” is Cormoran Strike. He passed through the real war, and after resignation from army founded the small detective agency. Cormoran has unique talent and attentiveness that allows him to notice even the most difficult things which are often escaping from attention the police. He manages to untangle complex affairs which law enforcement authorities have refused. Every time he faces with insuperable at first sight, obstacles, but always finds a way out of any situation. For this reason his celebrity grows each time, but that gives him not only friends, but also enemies.


Collateral (season 1)

3,216 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The main heroine of the series “Collateral” – Police Inspector Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan). She, as an experienced detective, is instructed to investigate the murder of a pizza deliveryman. At first glance, this is an accidental, spontaneous, cruel and meaningless crime committed in a state of affect. She refuses to believe that the death of the guy was accidental. And the more Glasley is involved in the investigation, the clearer she understands that not everything is so simple in this matter


The Tunnel (season 3)

2,912 views Comments (0)

The Tunnel

6 episodes

The plot of this intriguing detective series is associated with two completely different in character detectives. By chance, they are forced to cooperate and solve crimes in the tunnel. And everything began after the terrible murder – on the border between France and Britain in the tunnel corpse of a politician – a woman was found. The problem is that it lies clearly in the middle of the border and the most terrible thing is that the body is divided into two parts and these are two different corpses. Police officers from two countries are in charge of the case. Family, calm, wise Englishman Karl Roebuck and unsociable and malevolent Frenchwoman Elise Wassermann.