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Kiss Me First (season 1)

606 views Comments (0)

Kiss Me First

6 episodes

The main character of the series “Kiss Me first” — the closed teenage girl Leila (Tallulah Rose Haddon) who has steeped in virtual reality of a game under the name “Agora” where whether it is possible to become slightly anyone. There she meets the young charismatic woman by the name of Tess, and soon meets her and in real life. Once Tess disappears. Perhaps, even commits a suicide, authors hint. After that Leila decides on the unexpected course — she appropriates the virtual character of Tess in “Agora” and begins to lead her life there.


Game Night (2018)

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Game Night

There are such hobbies in which, after making one wrong step, you can lose your life. It is about this hobby that will be discussed in the new action movie “Game Night”. The main characters of the picture are young couples who prefer a kind of rest, which most of the local population does not understand, considering its participants as inadequate people. These guys meet every week in order to play an unusual game. They create quests and riddles, for the solution of which you need to make the right decision, otherwise you can lose the dearest in the world, your life.


Corbin Nash (2018)

2,394 views Comments (0)

Corbin Nash

New York police officer Corbin Nash is fighting crime, but the number of victims is growing. Meeting with a mysterious old man turns Nash’s life – a mysterious stranger tells that he knows how the parents of Corbin died, and that the cop himself is a descendant of the ancient kind of hunters, protecting humanity from being destroyed by demon-vampires. Nash goes to Los Angeles, where the last traces of his ancestors lead and stumbles upon a couple of monsters in human guise, every night flooding the streets of the city with fresh blood. The arrogant policeman does not know who he contacted yet, so instead of an easy victory, Corbin Nash is captured by vampires who decided to play with him – the bitten “hunter” gradually turns into a nightly bloodsucker.


Den of Thieves (2018)

2,241 views Comments (0)

Den of Thieves

The Californian bandits with the military past under supervision of Ray Merrimer (Pablo Schreiber) hijack the truck of collectors and shoot police officers who try to prevent them. Investigation is undertaken by the detective Nick O’Brien (Gerard Butler) from department of especially serious crimes who openly neglects the charter and calls himself “the bandit with a badge”. While Nick and his people puzzle why to shed blood for the sake of the empty car, Ray and his gang plan attack on office of the Federal reserve – the most protected federal building in Los Angeles. Nick manages to turn one of subordinates Ray into the police informer, but Merrimer’s plan provides special attention of cops.


Homeland (season 7)

15,937 views Comments (4)


12 episodes

Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer is on post-trial supervision in the way of completing a risky Baghdad maneuver. Accordingly, she was reallocated to Counter mongering focus. In Iraq Carrie had a warning about American detainee, turned by terrorists of Al-Qaeda. When marine Nicholas Brody was saved after he has been held as a prisoner since early 2003, she presumes that he could be that person. While sergeant is going home as a hero, Carrie is doing everything that is crucial to get him out. (more…)

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The flames returned memories to the boys, but they still have more questions than answers. The main character of the third part of the famous youth franchise “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is the guy Thomas, to lead the final, but the most dangerous mission is led by a squad of surviving gladers. They will have to penetrate the so-called Last City, which is controlled by the organization WCKD. There they will be able to find all the information they need, but even after the end of all the lies, the truth may be much worse than Thomas could have imagined. However, WCKD can not be trusted, and they themselves are no longer able to control absolutely everything around. The main characters need not just to get to the truth and free their friends, but also to find a cure for the terrible disease that destroyed most of the world’s population.


Scandal (season 7)

11,985 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

The focus of the plot of the series “Scandal” is the team of Olivia Pope. This woman is considered one of the best in her business. She investigates and protects people before the trial. The main task of Olivia is to prove that her client is right. Often, she gets real scoundrels who are willing to pay a lot of money, but Olivia takes matters when she is completely sure of the honesty of those who turn to her for help. In her team are real professionals and craftsmen and work from morning till night. The heroine once worked for the president, but was forced to leave her place because of personal disagreements with the head of state. Unexpectedly emerges information about the president’s betrayal of his wife, which could adversely affect the prestige of the head of state. Olivia takes this case, knowing that she has a personal claim in it. (more…)


Criminal Minds (season 13)

18,792 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The TV series “Criminal Minds” tells about the division of the best agents of the FBI, who are able to analyze and clearly define the next step of even the most ingenious criminal, so that they manage to prevent crimes before it is committed. In those situations when ordinary criminalists are powerless, this unit always appears. They are not accustomed to paying attention to the evidence … they act by a method of detailed analysis of everything that happens, not infrequently they have to put themselves in the place of the criminal in order to get to the bottom of the truth. (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 8)

23,267 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

 the continuation of the popular American zombie apocalypse, created in 2010. People fight, survive, escape from the living dead, fight with them, scream in earnest, when a particularly nimble piece of rotting flesh grabs them by the leg. They also loot, picking up in abandoned houses and shops everything that can be useful in a world where there is no electricity, running water and you can not call the police to complain about zombie party members under the window. But the main thing is that people get to know themselves better, comrades in misfortune and in general the nature of man. In extreme conditions, they show their best and worst qualities, whether it be boundless self-sacrifice or transcendent meanness.


Hap and Leonard (season 3)

2,690 views Comments (0)

Hap and Leonard

6 episodes

The series “Hap and Leonard” takes place in the 80s of the last century and tells about the life and friendship of two unlucky friends – Hap and Leonard. Hap is an ordinary hard worker and a former prisoner, since he refused to serve in the army in the east and a Negro-gay, who has an irascible temper, among other things. Leonard is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Together, they now and then are in the epicenter of all sorts of criminal stories. The main characters in a critical situation react like ordinary people, quarrel like ordinary people.