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The Post (2017)

2,277 views Comments (0)

The Post

The movie “The Post” tells about a secret dossier, which collected a little bit about the turbulent activity of Americans in Vietnam. Not about war crimes, but about the fact that they fought several years in vain, when the government knew that it was impossible to defeat the Vietnamese. For the whole film no one goes into the details of the dossier, as the essence of the film is not in it, but in the work of journalists. This is the movie about the work of journalists Washington Post.


Killing Eve (season 1)

2,444 views Comments (0)

Killing Eve

8 episodes

The American drama series “Killing Eve” are based on novels by Luke Jennings. In the center of the story — hired the murderer Villanellе, the employee of security service having a mental disorder, and hunting her Eve who dreams to change paper work for quick long ago. Who will leave the winner in this deadly pursuit — elegant, talented the murderer or a clever security operative?


Law & Order: SVU (season 19)

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

24 episodes

The series “Law & Order: SVU” tells about the so-called “Special Corps” of the police, which investigates crimes on sexual grounds and encroachments against children. The action takes place in New York. The main characters of the series are the employees of the special department. In the focus of the story line there are various investigations, where detectives have to find out the reasons for the crime, possible suspects, and also to search for clues that will lead to a real criminal. Because of the severity of the crimes, the employees of the department are constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which affects their personal lives, as well as their mutual relations.


You Are Wanted (season 2)

637 views Comments (0)

You Are Wanted

6 episodes

A fascinating and exciting television series “You Are Wanted” will plunge the viewer into a chilling atmosphere of paranoia and conspiracy, in the center of which was an ordinary person … The main character, who found himself not at his own will in the epicenter of mysterious events – a man named Lucas Franke. He always lived a calm, measured life of a law-abiding citizen and an honest taxpayer. He had everything: a good job, bringing a stable and high earnings, a beautiful wife, a loving family, loyal friends and good colleagues. The guy enjoyed life and never tried to get into any crime. But one day this idyll changed dramatically, and the existence of our hero turned upside down. Poor Lucas was the victim of a mysterious cyber attack.


24 episodes

“NCIS” is a series about the adventures of a team of professional special agents who investigate crimes related to Marines. Each of them has its own charisma, character, inexpressible sense of humor and aristocratic self-restraint of some characters, and it’s really interesting to watch the actors opening them from different sides. The big plus is that in every new episode we see a completely new detective story that is not related to the previous one. Among other things in this series there is a storyline that shows the relationship between the police.


The Rain (season 1)

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The Rain

4 episodes

From the first seconds “The Rain” throws the viewer into the thick of events. Parents grab their children, a schoolgirl-graduate Simone and a very small Rasmus, put in a car and driven away from the approaching dark cloud in the sky. Rain is dangerous – in every drop a deadly virus is kept, killing any person who touched the water. By coincidence, the family gets into a bunker hidden in the forest. Father, without explaining anything, but promising to return, leaves, and his mother soon dies. The children remain alone and only after 6 years leave the shelter – towards the devastated Denmark, hoping to find their parent.


The Redeeming (2018)

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The Redeeming

At the center of the events “The Redeeming” is one woman, who recently began to suffer more and more from mental disorders. For unknown reasons, the psyche of her was influenced by some inexplicable influence from outside. For several days she has been dreaming about the same nightmare, from which the heroine can not move even with the onset of dawn. Once through their town, a terrible hurricane swept through. When the storm subsided a little, at the door of the house where Joyce dwelled, someone knocked. When she opened, she saw a stranger who introduced himself as John.


NCIS: Los Angeles (season 9)

19,964 views Comments (0)

NCIS: Los Angeles

23 episodes

“Naval Police: Los Angeles” (NCIS: Los Angeles) – is a TV series about the hard work of the department to combat dangerous criminals. They have to hide all the time under the names of others and use the latest technology to stay unnoticed. Jay Cullen masterfully implements the criminals. Sam Hannah is an experienced fighter who took part in wars. Kens Bly is a smart girl, adoring risk, and Nate Goetz is a brilliant psychologist. Working in a team the main characters can do much. They are confident of supporting each other and are trying to do everything possible to protect the population and national interests of the country. (more…)


Blindspot (season 3)

31,373 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Blindspot” tries to understand how the heroine was in Times Square in such an unusual form – in a large bag. However, the girl does not remember anything, and she does not have any documents with her. Who would have thought that even without a memory this heroine would be extremely useful to the FBI. Employees notice a huge number of tattoos on the girl’s body. Each of the tattoos indicates a specific date. Some dates have already passed, and some have only to come true. Unexpectedly, they find the connections between these dates. The past days are marked by major crimes or terrorist acts. On the body of the girl there are many more dates. Everyone needs to be checked. Kurt Weller is investigating these imperfect crimes.


Supernatural (season 13)

18,200 views Comments (0)


23 episodes

A unique project “Supernatural” created by Eric Kripke and the famous film company Kripke Enterprises make the TV viewers happy with incredible stories. Ghosts and demons do not get fewer. In the new series, the brothers will continue to fight the supernatural evil. New stories, experiences, struggles with the unexplored will fully saturate the subsequent series. New incredible special effects will be added, which will make each episode unusually bright and fascinating. “Supernatural” has become one of the most long-term projects in the world.