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Murder on the Orient Express

The plot of the movie “Murder on the Orient Express” will revolve around the murder in the train car of the famous train, which should reveal the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. His task is complicated by the fact that almost every passenger had a motive for committing a crime. So, the legendary detective Hercule Poirot is forced to urgently go to England from an interrupted vacation in Istanbul, and due to his acquaintance with the head of the “Oriental Express” gets on board, so to speak, along with 13 other passengers. And the train departs. (more…)


Crooked House (2017)

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Crooked House

The movie “Crooked House” tells about such sad event when one of the richest people not only in England, but also in the world, Aristide Leonidis is dying. And his granddaughter Sophia suspects that she is far from her own death. It seems to her that the beloved grandfather was killed. For help in the investigation, she turns to the young private investigator Charles Hayward, with whom they were romantically linked in the past. After much persuasion, he agrees to help Sophia. For this he comes to the posh Leonidis mansion, where he lived with all his relatives. Charles gradually gets to know each of them, and they are all the most interesting characters. (more…)


Silent Witness (season 21)

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Silent Witness

10 episodes

The British detective series “Silent Witness” first appeared on the screen in 1996. The group of forensic experts still helps in the detection of crimes. One of the pathologists is Samantha Ryan, who has great experience and a difficult destiny – problems with her sister and constant care for her mother. She is an excellent specialist and constantly helps in solving crimes.


Happy! (season 1)

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8 episodes

A new series called “Happy!” will tell the story of Nick Sax, an eternally drunk former policeman, who became a hired killer who swims with the flow in a world of casual deaths, sex and betrayal. The man does not think about the future. When one of his affairs goes awry and Nick is in a hospital with a bullet wound, Sax’s drunken life changes forever with the appearance of a tiny, ever-positive, imaginary blue winged horse that begins to help him in difficult situations. What is this creature, and what is going on around?


Fortitude (season 2)

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10 episodes

In a small village of Fortitude, located beyond the Arctic Circle, there is a series of strange, inexplicable events. Everything begins with the death of Petigrew, who was torn by a bear, but it turns out that not everything is so simple. It continues with the death of Charlie Stodart, who also, it seems, was torn by a bear, but the nature of wounds is more like a human hand. Police Sheriff Dan Andersen begins the investigation, but soon from London Morton was sent to help him. Between the two, quickly there is rejection. Children, walking on the snowy expanse, discover something in the permafrost.


Superstition (season 1)

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12 episodes

In the center of the story “Superstition” is the Hastings family from a city on the outskirts of New Orleans, which owns the only house in the district for civil funeral services. In addition, the family members are the custodians of the history of these places and all the dark secrets of its inhabitants. The town is famous for the abundance of houses with ghosts, cemeteries, oddballs of all stripes and wealth for paranormal phenomena and all sorts of horrors, many of which are associated with the ruthless villain who worked there in immemorial time. (more…)

The Frankenstein Chronicles

6 episodes

British criminal-fiction series “The Frankenstein Chronicles ” continues to talk about the inspector of the London police, John Marlott, who confronts the criminal world of London. The second season of the series begins with the fact that John manages to escape from the infamous London psychiatric hospital. He changes his personality, work, to start an investigation into the reasons for which he found himself in this hospital institution. (more…)


The Snowman (2017)

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The Snowman

British crime drama “The Snowman”, in which the protagonist is investigating a series of mysterious murders. The criminal kills young married women and every time after some days, he leaves his “brand name” – a snowman – at the crime scene. The action takes place in 2004 in Oslo. It became obvious that a maniac who lives in the city for a long time makes a murder. However, it is very difficult to get on the track of a criminal.


Major Crimes (season 6)

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13 episodes

The plot of the series “Major Crimes” unfolds in one of the US states. There is a planned change of leadership of one police department and instead of an experienced chief, comes too young and extravagant boss. And a lot of problems and misunderstandings on the part of co-workers come to her. However, soon even the most obstinate employees took the appointment for granted and remembered that their primary task was to fight for law and order, and only then to settle service relations. All the employees worked flawlessly under the guidance of the new boss, and more and more new disclosures allowed the main heroine to prove that her appointment was not accidental and she became a real head of the operational unit capable of revealing the most intricate crimes.


Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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Blade Runner 2049

The protagonist of the new movie “Blade Runner 2049″ is not a man in the usual sense of the word officer Kay. He is engaged in dangerous work to catch his “fellow”, for a number of reasons that are a threat. And he works in a special Los Angeles police department that catches escaped androids, discovers one old secret and realizes that the information he finds can plunge human society into complete chaos. People are almost confused with robots and it is already impossible to distinguish between replicants and people. Even the head of a new corporation is more like a robot than a huma (more…)