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10 episodes

Dramatic series “Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators ” produced by UK will devote a plot to the investigation of crimes in the city of Stratford-upon-Avon. And conduct all the investigations will the most unusual pair of detectives who will never admit the fact that they make up a very effective team since there is not one question in which their opinions coincide.


Strike (season 1)

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7 episodes

The main hero of series “Strike” is Cormoran Strike. He passed through the real war, and after resignation from army founded the small detective agency. Cormoran has unique talent and attentiveness that allows him to notice even the most difficult things which are often escaping from attention the police. He manages to untangle complex affairs which law enforcement authorities have refused. Every time he faces with insuperable at first sight, obstacles, but always finds a way out of any situation. For this reason his celebrity grows each time, but that gives him not only friends, but also enemies.


Collateral (season 1)

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4 episodes

The main heroine of the series “Collateral” – Police Inspector Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan). She, as an experienced detective, is instructed to investigate the murder of a pizza deliveryman. At first glance, this is an accidental, spontaneous, cruel and meaningless crime committed in a state of affect. She refuses to believe that the death of the guy was accidental. And the more Glasley is involved in the investigation, the clearer she understands that not everything is so simple in this matter


The Tunnel (season 3)

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The Tunnel

6 episodes

The plot of this intriguing detective series is associated with two completely different in character detectives. By chance, they are forced to cooperate and solve crimes in the tunnel. And everything began after the terrible murder – on the border between France and Britain in the tunnel corpse of a politician – a woman was found. The problem is that it lies clearly in the middle of the border and the most terrible thing is that the body is divided into two parts and these are two different corpses. Police officers from two countries are in charge of the case. Family, calm, wise Englishman Karl Roebuck and unsociable and malevolent Frenchwoman Elise Wassermann.


Walking Out (2017)

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Walking Out

City teenager David arrives from Texas, where he lives with his mother, in a remote area of Montana. David, Cal’s father is a hunter, he left the family for a long time, but now he intends to fill his son’s lack of male education. Although David himself does not show much interest in the killing of animals, Cal is confident that an important stage in the formation of a guy’s personality should be hunting for an elk. Father and son go high in the snow-capped mountains, where in the forest more often Cal has already tracked this huge and majestic beast. The first attempt is unsuccessful, someone managed to shoot an elk. In addition, the father and son are facing another forest inhabitant – a bear. An unexpected meeting with a dangerous predator leads to an accident. Cal gets injured in the leg due to a random shot of David, whose arm is damaged. Now hunters have a serious test for strength: you need to return to the car or try to find an inhabited house to call for help. The tragedy brings father and son together, but their strength is at an end, and the cold breath of death is felt ever closer. (more…)


The Bridge (season 1)

5,533 views Comments (13)

The Bridge Bron Broen season 1 2011 poster

13 episodes

At the middle of the Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark, there is a brief power outage. The appearance of light marks the emergence of a strange object: a woman’s body, turned her head to Sweden, down to Denmark. Whose police should lead the investigation? Swedish female commissioner Saga Noren decide: it is her area of responsibility, in fact murdered a Swedish politician, chairman of the council of the city of Malmo. But here’s the thing: it turns out that the second-half of women – a Danish prostitute who disappeared more than a year ago … And this – the sphere of responsibility of the Commissioner of Copenhagen, Martin Rohde. (more…)


The Bridge (season 2)

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Broen Bron season 2 2013

13 episodes

After the events of the first season was thirteen months. Martin Rohde is undergoing rehabilitation after the loss of her son, and Saga Nor?n continues to work in the criminal division. Once in the control room the Coast Guard receives a signal that the seen ship Faxborg, which running a course right on Oresund Bridge. The ship is no answer, and the Coast Guard team stepped on board and finds out that the crew had disappeared, and later discovers five teenagers chained to the ship. What lies behind this strange ship and who handcuffed young people? It is to be seen Saga Noren … (more…)


Suburbicon (2017)

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Suburbicon is a small one-story town in America. The action of the movie “Suburbicon” takes place in the 60s of the last century. Suburbicon is a wonderful summer town where nice people live, and in which nothing ever happens. It is about two families, completely different, united only by the friendship of children. In this nice little town, an African-American family dared to settle, than the local residents were very unhappy. The intolerance of society as a whole, the willingness to poison someone because of the color of skin, is combined with internal rot, which begins to emerge from those who at first sight are quite decent. (more…)


Death in Paradise (season 7)

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Death in Paradise

8 episodes

Detective British series “Death in Paradise” is about the inspector of the London police department, Richard Poole, who was sent to investigate in one of the most (in his opinion) terrible places on earth – the Caribbean island of Sainte-Marie. A beautiful island looks like a paradise. But as a man impatient tropical climate, he dreams to go home as quickly as possible. Who would have thought that it was here that the most mysterious and strange crimes could occur.


Maze (2017)

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The movie “Maze” is based on real events in Ireland. Actions take place in the prison of a special regime, which is a labyrinth and with which no one could escape before and did not even try. But before all this was a hunger strike and the death of 10 prisoners because of the conditions of detention or some kind of injustice. The movie tells about the most massive escape from prison of maximum security. 38 prisoners fled. The final will surprise you. (more…)