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Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate

The short movie “Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate” is background of the game of the same name and narrates about three video bloggers who have gone to the District of Hope to investigate kidnappings of locals and other mysterious events. Having appeared “Behind the Eden Gate”, heroes face with Joseph Sid – the leader of an ominous Cult of Doomsday.


Beyond (season 2)

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10 episodes

The protagonist of this series “Beyond” is a man who spent about twelve years in a coma. Holden was unconscious, but time passed and life changed. He fell into a coma when he was still a teenager, so he regained consciousness as an adult. However, in his heart he is still a boy who is alien to adult problems. The main character, in addition, found that he is capable of something incredible. The guy understands that he has unique abilities. The guy tries to study himself, realizing that he received the gift after a long time on the verge of life and death. Close friends are trying to help Holden. In general, the main character is waiting for the incredible events that will make him rethink many views on life.


The X-Files (season 11)

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The X Files

10 episodes

New season of the popular in the past, the series “The X-Files.” The project, which appeared on screens, impressed viewers with the seriousness of the stories and interesting characters. The main characters, despite the fact that they work together, are completely different from each other. Dana Scully is confident that everything in this world can be explained. Every action is logical, and many people commit different kinds of crimes with a certain motivation. Fox Mulder is a man who is still convinced that the world has a place inexplicable and that the human mind does not need to know. The main actors are teamed up to investigate long-closed and unfinished business that was sent to the archive because of its strangeness and understatement. The lack of evidence and the many strange turns of events during the investigations made the detectives in the past throw the case into a long box. The main characters are now undertaking investigations and trying to find out what happened many years ago.


The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

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The Cloverfield Paradox

The Earth is embraced by the global energy crisis, the geopolitical situation is strained to the limit, armed conflicts are ready to flare up around the world. Scientists of the whole planet join their efforts to avoid an imminent catastrophe. The international crew of the space station Cloverfield is conducting experiments to launch the hadronic collider, which can become an inexhaustible source of energy. Two years of hard work do not lead to positive results. And now, finally, the next testing of the accelerator is successful, the installation gives the necessary level of power. However, due to overloads, the cooling system breaks down. In a hurry, eliminating the consequences of the accident, the ship’s crew suddenly discovers that there is not the Earth anymore. Is the planet destroyed? Was Cloverfield thrown into another part of the galaxy? Did they fall into another dimension? One thing is clear: the space-time continuum has been violated.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

The action of the animated film “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” takes place in 1889 in Gotham, where there is a Victorian Batman. And he tries to stop Jack the Ripper, who has declared a hunt for women. Batman skillfully combines his skills with city knowledge and stunts of illusionists, so for the Gotham police he is considered an elusive criminal interfering in the affairs of law enforcement. In the animated film there are a lot of spectacular fights, but the best of them are those in which Batman fights with Jack the Ripper. It’s not just a worthy Bruce opponent – it’s the one who is better than him in everything.


25 episodes

All events take place in Savannah, Georgia. The plot centers on Cryer’s family, who are accustomed to live in welth and luxury. Beneath the well-being each member of the family is hiding some secrets, which at any moment may seem to go the outside, revealing everything about the Cryers. If this happens, Cryers will be on the verge of collapse.

How to Get Away with Murder

15 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “How to Get Away with Murder” is a successful lawyer who additionally teaches at the Law University the non-standard discipline “How to avoid punishment for murder”, which is devoted to the practical study of jurisprudence. She annually selects four students for future joint work. The best of them will get a reward from the professor and an opportunity to work in one of the best law offices in the city. But her students decide in practice to apply the acquired knowledge. (more…)


Channel Zero (season 3)

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Channel Zero

6 episodes

In the center of the horror series “Channel Zero” is an incomprehensible series of murders that are associated with the release of a children’s television program popular in the 1980s. This TV program is fraught with a terrible secret that nobody can figure out. The series shows the events in two time intervals. Now and in 1988, when the protagonist was only 12 years old. In the course of the story reveals the terrible secret of murders from the past. But many things remain unclear. There are many riddle


Endeavour (season 5)

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6 episodes

First and foremost, the series “Endeavour” tells us about rather unusual crimes, most often the crimes are confused and they involve not very ordinary people. Endeavor Morse is smart, erudite, and not at all like all the other policemen, he is not from the world, he is smarter and more educated than the rest of the police – his colleagues, and not only the rank and file, but also his superiors. At first this hinders him. Nobody understands and accepts, and he himself does not fit well with people. But then he nevertheless fits into the collective, he is appreciated, respected, and the main thing is to listen to his opinion. And the crimes that they investigate, no one else would be able to disclose. (more…)


Falling Water (season 2)

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Falling Water

10 episodes

The plot of the series “Falling Water” is quite original: three young people who never cross in real life begin to see strange dreams, and each individual dream is a piece of one common. Heroes in the kingdom of Morpheus will have to solve their own quests: the first – to find a long-missing friend, the second – to get medicine for the mother, and the third – to find the disappeared child. Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, Only by combining puzzles from different dreams, you can pick up the key both to solve a common problem, and to complete each individual quest