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Step Up All In (2014)

1,454 views Comments (0)


Bright Las Vegas welcomes the best dancers in the world. They have to battle and show the best of them. A talented self-taught dancer named Shaun and his girlfriend dream of glory and luxury. They are getting ready to take part in the comptetion and throw a challenge to their opposers. Are they ready to overcome fear and passion and learn what betrayal is?



Jersey Boys (2014)

294 views Comments (1)


“Jersey Boys” (2014) is an American biography film about the musical band named “The Four Seasons”. The film describes the development of the group, the personal experiences of each member of the group, the tough times they had to overcome and the final triumph of the friends whose music became the symbol of the whole generation.



Rudderless (2015)

196 views Comments (0)


“Rudderless” is an American music drama about a mourning farther of the deceased son. He had never known about his son’s musical talent. The father accidentaly finds a box of lyrics and tapes written by his son. Being overwhelmed by this unexpected discovery, he creates a music band in the hope to achieve catharsis.  (more…)


Walking on Sunshine (2014)

3,424 views Comments (0)


Maddy and Raf had a passionate romance on vacation, they were so pleased by each other they that have decided to get married. Everyone was invited to the wedding, even Maddy’s sister – Taylor. Soon it turns out that Raf and Taylor had also a whirlwind romance and it ended very strange.During the preparation to the wedding Taylor and Raf fall in love again… (more…)


Glee (season 6)

11,363 views Comments (6)


13 episodes

Glee is one of the most delicious things we’ve ever been able to see. Abovementioned fact shows the problems of adolescents and music too closely intertwined with each other. One famous joke known among fans: “I do not know what was happening, they just took it and began to sing.” And that’s true, there are a lot of songs on the show. Music remains every season. It covers a long time celebrity on the West Side Story songs coexist with Katy Perry and this pop peaceful cohabitation with KISS and Queen. There was even a disco, so no matter how exigent were your musical tastes, let to forget them here. And the characters! There is no favorite. There are all interesting and fabulous. From watching this show, you think that it couldn’t grab you, but it does. You will worry about heroes. You feel the appearance of faith in them. You just watch on ambitious misfits who try to build their dream. They have strength, faith and hope to make one day this happened. Glee makes us better.



Into the Woods (2014)

806 views Comments (10)

YJ1qizekto1_500The storyline of fantasy comedy “Into the Woods” revolves around a married couple. They try everything to make a baby but baker’s wife could not get pregnant, later on they learned that baker’s ancestry has a terrible curse, and only The Witch can remove it. Our heroes did not panic and went into the woods to find her. When they found The Witch they face a new problem. The Baker and his wife have to find all the ingredients for potion on their own. They move forward into the woods and there they will find a fabulous variety of characters. These creatures will help them to aim the goal. The film starring the world’s top actors Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt and others…



Galavant (season 1)

5,274 views Comments (9)

скачанные файлы

8 episodes

Once upon a time, the dashing hero Galavant was a slayer of dragons, protector of the innocent, and defender of the less fortunate. But one day, the evil King Richard fell for Galavant’s ladylove Madalena and kidnapped her. On Madalena and King Richard’s wedding day, Galavant courageously fought his way back to the palace to rescue his love. And while this is where most fairytales end happily ever after, it’s where the tale of Galavant truly begins. Madalena stuns Galavant when she announces that she chooses fame, fortune, and the crown over Galavant and breaks his heart. Five years later Galavant is a heartbroken and drowning his sorrows in drink. Having given up on heroics, he’s a bit out of shape and flat broke. But his faithful squire Sid sees a momentous opportunity when Princess Isabella of Valencia arrives in search of “The Great Galavant.” She asks him to save her kingdom from its evil invader… none other than King Richard himself. Galavant must get back in the saddle, literally and figuratively, to take revenge on his nemesis and win back Madalena. Our hero’s quest for redemption will have many twists and turns along the way. (more…)


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

1,147 views Comments (4)


Venue fictional country, accommodating the full name and symbolism heroes, something similar to the character of the good old Russian movies and fictional hotel in a riot of colors of sweet pastry. Sometimes even heard balalaika, gently jangling somewhere nearby. The reality is blurred, and all the attention is focused on this puppet hotel, tucked away in the mountains.The film, in which the pure cinema in the foreground. Here the perfection of acting, comic plot and dialogue pilotage not hide behind tons of special effects. A picture is just an illustration from the book as an integral part of the fabulous alternative reality with absurd ZZ instead of you know who. And in all this the clearest grotesque, which in this film loudly declares itself, since the essence of the whole story, continuing irrepressible ‘singing and pretentious music and how generally denoted in the movie action heroes, and how it is removed.



Glee (season 2)

4,636 views Comments (4)

Glee FOX poster season 2 2010

22 episodes

In the second season, new challenges await the Glee Club. Schuester and Sylvester unite against new coach players. Sportsman Sam Evans and exchange student Sunshine Corazon want to join to the Glee Club. Quinn returned to the cheerleaders. Will don’t want that Glee performed songs by Britney Spears, as he considers it a bad example to follow. Burt Hummel admitted to the hospital with a heart attack … (more…)


Glee (season 1)

5,391 views Comments (4)

Glee FOX poster season 1 2009

22 episodes

The plot is built around a school Glee Club, which is run by a High School Spanish teacher, Will Schuester. First, students who are in a brutal caste system is considered to be outcasts: trendy boy gay excessively ambitious and vociferous girl, a young black woman with overweight and a boy in a wheelchair are coming to the Glee. Gradually, school idols come to the Glee for different reasons – cheerleaders girls and boys from the football team. Together they begin to prepare for the competition of school choirs … (more…)