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Beyonce Lemonade (2016)

2,230 views Comments (0)


Since its initial announcement last week, Beyonce fans have been waiting patiently for the big reveal of LEMONADE on HBO. It is known  now that LEMONADE is a documentary that tells the story of the singer’s new album. So how did the work, who were responsible for the reduction of her songwriting and what powers invested in the album Beyonc? – let’s see together!


Empire (season 2)

18,385 views Comments (16)


18 episodes

The story about CEO of a music empire, who learns that he is terminally ill, and that he left to live for only three years. He wants his empire continued to live after him, and therefore decides to choose a successor. His three sons and ex-wife start to fight for the “throne”. (more…)


Vinyl (season 1)

4,606 views Comments (1)


10 episodes

The creators of the series Vinyl are the world-famous director Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, the vocalist of the Rolling Stones. The series cannot leave indifferent any music lover and connoisseur of high-quality cinematography. It focuses on the difficult fate of a musician Richie Finestra who is obsessed with the idea of creating a new musical genre. He invests all his forces in creating his own label. Family troubles will not be the only difficulty in his path. The musician will face the problem of self-determination and awareness of the importance of his aspirations. Richie will have to work hard to get his way. (more…)


Galavant (season 2)

5,038 views Comments (5)


10 episodes

Galavant is a brave knight, who is in love with a beautiful girl. For the sake of her love, he’s ready for the most desperate deeds. The King Richard has learned about the love of Galavant and a beautiful girl that’s why he wanted to abduct her as he fell in love with her too. Now Galavant goes on a dangerous journey and his ultimate goal – to take revenge on Richard.


Mozart in the Jungle (season 2)

891 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

Mozart in the Jungle tells the story about oboists Haley and her adventures in New York. She will dive in the world of sex and unbridled partying, lessons on the oboe, and tempting ballet dancers. There will be everything she can imagine. And all this, of course, happen with a classical music background, and performances in the New York Philharmonic.


Magic Mike XXL (2015)

977 views Comments (4)


The storyline tells us about an experienced stripper Magic Mike, who works in the elite club “Xquisite”, where the legendary stripper named Dallas has worked for a long time. After Mike taught a guy named Babe striptease basics, he fell in love with his sister Brooke. Whether their relationship will develop and will everything be good? (more…)


Bravetown|Strings (2015)

1,804 views Comments (0)


Josh Harvest loves music more than anything in his life, he is a DJ and he lives in New York. However, an unfortunate incident takes place in his life, and Josh has to leave the city for a while. He decided to return to the native town, to his father. The local school does not accept him, and the boy seems to be an outcast in the eyes of others. But after school’s discos Josh gets acquainted with dancers and he even falls in love with one of them. Young people begin to communicate and soon Josh discovers that not only him has troubled past…


Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

1,627 views Comments (6)

Becca has the perfect voice. Once the girl with her group won the first place in the University Competition and after that she received an invitation to participate in an international singing competition. This event attracts representatives from all over the world, and America there has never won. Competition is incredible, and everyone is ready to act for the sake of victory in dishonest ways… (more…)

Saturday Night Live NBC season 40 2014

21 episodes

In the season 40 popular show Saturday Night Live continues to meet different famous and interesting guests: Chris Pratt, Ariana Grande, Sarah Silverman, Maroon 5, Bill Hader and other. (more…)


Whiplash (2014)

355 views Comments (0)


Andrew is a young guy who passionately loves to play on drums and he wants to reel his future with the music. Andrew wants to achieve great success and become a truly great musician. Once he met a famous conductor – a genius of his craft. He invites Andrew in his orchestra. The conductor had a reputation for a very ill-tempered, he brutally demanded all his players perform well in this race for the perfect execution, he would push everything forces with Andrew. (more…)