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American Horror Story (season 7)

7,935 views Comments (2)


11 episodes

Spouse Harmon – Ben and Vivien are on the verge of divorce in the series “American Horror Story “, because their relations has come a difficult stage. Ben has changed his wife with a student. Somehow to try to keep their family, the couple with the child moves to live to an old house in Los Angeles. But soon they understand that they are not alone here and share the dwelling with ghosts. Those feel all fears of the family, and use it. The series are sated by a large number of strange characters with various whims: the housemaid who seems as an elderly woman for Vivien, and an attractive girl for Ben, who tries to tempt him, the maniac patient, the teenage boy Tate.


The Vault (2017)

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The Vault

According to the plot of the movie “The Vault” a gang of desperate robbers break into the bank and commit a robbery, but they regret to learn that there is no money in the bank and they will have to leave with nothing. But before the exit the heroes learn that somewhere in the cellar there is a big safe with large millions, only nobody goes down there, because there are ghosts of the deceased employees of the bank. One of the workers Ed Maas proposes to help criminals, if only the hostages remained alive. Ed says that all the money is stored in the old safe, where no one ever comes down, because strange things happen there. But it does not matter to criminals, until they open a repository. From there the complete confusion begins. All the hostages are seized, but someone called the police, the robbery participants one by one feel the presence of something inexplicable, which can fairly scare or even kill. (more…)


Stranger Things (season 3)

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Coming Soon episodes

The plot of the American mystical series “Stranger Things” unfolds in a provincial town in the north-eastern part of the United States. This town became the center of mysterious events, which were the result of the once held secret experiments here. After the sudden disappearance of a 12-year-old boy, the residents of the city learned that people with unbelievable abilities live in the neighborhood with them and not all of them are friendly.


It (2017)

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The new movie “It” tells about the case when a person needs to fight first of all with himself. The plot begins in the small town of Derry, which is located in Maine. It is noteworthy that not so long ago a whole series of brutal murders took place here. And the victims were always children. All the crimes are associated with an unknown creature that lives in the network of tunnels of the city’s sewerage, which they called “It”. From the den, the monster is chosen only at night, taking the form of the clown. As the main goal, the clown chooses childhood fears, disappointments and pain, since children are a fairly easy target. Seven teenagers who are not too popular among their peers are facing the challenge, because of what they give themselves the ironic name of “Club of Losers”. However, because of this, they are also a welcome prey. Will they be able to overcome the enemy?
(inlove) (more…)


Stranger Things (season 2)

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Stranger Things

9 episodes

The events of the series “Stranger Things” develop in the small town of Hawkins. In the yard in 1983, in the midst of the “cold war” between the USSR and the United States. The US government is investing huge amounts of money to create a secret weapon that can help fight the Communists. On one of the bases, experiments are conducted on children, endowed with supernatural abilities. The scientists managed not only to establish contact with the other-worldly essence, but also to bring it into the world of people. The monster begins to kidnap people, mastering a new hunting territory.


Talon Falls (2017)

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Talon Falls

The movie “Talon Falls” tells about the bloody adventures of four friends. They are boring of ordinary life and in search of adrenaline four goes on a trip. On the way, they decide to shorten the path and turn off the track. Along the way, friends decided to visit the famous haunted house that is in the forest of Connecticut. Inside, there are many rooms with terrible torture. And any bloodsucker can perform a bloody torture. In the first room there is a victim in an electric chair, which one of the friends decides to kill. He lowers the current lever and he is amused by the pains of the man behind the glass. Throughout the house there are cameras that track both the victims and the guests. Then they find themselves near the glass, behind which the murderer scoffs at the chained girl. The girl begs for mercy, but friends and do not think to save her. But very soon the company will understand that everything is not so simple, but the tortures are real. (more…)


The Evil Within (2017)

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The Evil Within

A horror thriller “The Evil Within” tells about a demonic entity from an old mirror that takes possession of a mentally unstable teenager. Closed mentally retarded boy Dennis Peterson experiences the death of his parents. Teenager is tormented by dreams – terrible visions, inspired by memories and long-standing fears. The only person close to him is his brother John, busy with work, solving problems and a beloved girl. Johnny can not sit by the side of a mentally ill brother, so Dennis is left to himself. The huge antique mirror, brought from the basement, beautiful, but frightening, draws the attention of the boy. To distract himself, Dennis starts to talk with a reflection, which eagerly listens to him. Soon it turns out that the mirror twin of the poor boy is a powerful demonic entity, rushing out. (more…)


Gerald’s Game (2017)

1,817 views Comments (0)

Gerald's Game

According to the plot of the movie “Gerald’s Game” a married couple Jesse and Gerald come to the weekend in a cozy country house. The purpose of the visit: to warm up the cooled intimate life, because of which, in the opinion of the heroes, their marriage suffers. Arriving at the place, the couple did not even close the door, almost immediately proceed. The absence of neighbors and strangers, beautiful lingerie and handcuffs warm up the spouses. And at the moment when the bracelets closed on the hands of Jesse, chained to the bed, Gerald overtakes a heart attack. And from this moment for the unfortunate woman begins a nightmare: the key to handcuffs is out of reach, like the phone. For miles around there is nobody, but a hungry dog is wandering around, and the door in the house is open. (more…)


Channel Zero (season 2)

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6 episodes

A successful child psychologist comes back to his native town 20 years later. He wants to investigate the disappearance of children and his twin brother in the eighties. He is trying to figure out how this is related to one local and very popular television program that goes along with kidnappings. Together with childhood friends, he remembers a strange children’s program called Twilight Bay, which appeared on TV screens just during the murders. Mike seems that this is not an accident, and that it is somehow connected with what happened. It is possible, because together with Mike, the transfer is returned to Iron Hill, and the town is again covered with eerie incidents involving children.


Fear the Walking Dead (season 3)

11,666 views Comments (12)


16 episodes

Events of “Fear the Walking Dead” will take place in the great Los Angeles a city where there is a lot of sun. The main character in this scary story will play a school teacher named Sean Carbury, and the leader of the women’s group Nancy Tompkins, who has two grown children. Nick is using drugs and can not indulge in their use, and Ashley is depressed, as she wants very much. But the most terrible is not it, but… How can you stay normal in such a zombie society? Cretors have concentrated special attention on the relations between parents and their children, and also on many questions which are important for the younger generation. (more…)