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Z Nation (season 4)

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Z Nation

13 episodes

The plot of the series “Z Nation” unfolds three years after America was struck by the terrible zombie virus. This rapid and deadly epidemic almost immediately led to the death of almost the entire population of the country. Even attempts to hide and be very careful do not help to survive. When the number of enemies increases in a geometric progression, it becomes impossible to survive. And what if there is a small chance to survive? A small group of people was able to survive in this hellish situation. These people are going to fulfill the most important mission in their lives – to revive humanity. In this difficult business they will be helped by the only character who survived after a zombie bite. He did not just survive, but he remained a normal person. (more…)


The Exorcist (season 2)

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The Exorcist

10 episodes

The series “The Exorcist” is about the priests, engaged in the liberation of human souls from evil. The story begins in a once prosperous and respected family, attacked by demons and now suffering from their negative influence. Relatives ask for help from two priests. Langa and Ortega have fundamentally opposite views on exorcism and faith in general. Upon arriving at the place, the servants of the church discover that the evil spirit has not just settled here, but firmly established itself in every corner of the house. The power of evil is so strong that now the priests will have to fight not only for the lives of family members, but for their own. (more…)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

British-Irish psychological thriller “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” will tell about a successful surgeon who is trying to help a teenager from a dysfunctional family. The main character Steven Murphy takes care of a boy who has problems with his mother and tries to help him. But he realizes that the boy wants to make him a member of his family. After the threats, Steven decides to take a desperate step. (more…)


Leatherface (2017)

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In the center of the narrative “Leatherface” are four teenagers who fled from the sanatorium for the mentally ill. At the same time, they kidnapped the nurse. When a detachment of policemen, headed by an equally insane representative of the law, is launched along the track of the fugitives, one of the kidnappers embarks on the path that will turn him into a monster – the Leather face. In the movie, we will be told about the events of childhood and youth of the future maniac, which pushed him on this terrible and tragic path of a bloody killer. (more…)


Mother! (2017)

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In the center of the plot of the movie “Mother!” is one married couple in whose house come unexpected visitors. They lead a very happy life together. Nothing is threatened to their marriage. How hard can it be for a person receiving guests that they do not hesitate to break into someone house, taking advantage of the hospitality of their host? The appearance of these guests not only destroys a measured family life, but also makes them test their relationship. (more…)


Amityville: The Awakening (2017)

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Amityville: The Awakening

The movie “Amityville: The Awakening” tells about a young woman who alone brings up three children. Her eldest son is in a coma, which resulted in the injury received the day before. Waiting for James to wake up, the woman decides to leave the bustling city and take her family to a quieter place. Suddenly she finds a big house, which is sold at a very low price. It attracts the heroine, and she decides to buy it. Having visited a new dwelling, the family faces very unusual events. Soon they will learn the terrible history of this house. It turns out that once upon a time, one man killed his whole family. And the reason he assured, was the voices that made him go to such a terrible crime.


The Crucifixion (2017)

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The Crucifixion

The movie “The Crucifixion” will tell about the events of 2005, when five priests are accused of murdering a nun, over whom an exorcism rite was held. The curious journalist Nicole, who does not seem to care about this murder, starts her own independent investigation. According to the priest, the girl was obsessed and did not cope with the dark forces. But after meeting with the priest, she plunges into a chain of unexplained events and inclines to the fact that the ministers of the cult lost the battle with the demonic entity, and exorcism became the instrument of the demon in his terrible ritual.


The Bad Batch (2017)

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The Bad Batch

The plot of the movie “The Bad Batch” unfolds in the near future in the US, Texas. Here, in the desert, there is a small group of cannibals. They go hunting in towns and villages, then bring to their house, cook and eat. Sometimes hunting is particularly successful, then the victims trapped in cages wait for their time. Once, they catch a beautiful young woman who is just getting into this very peculiar “waiting list”. And while she waits for dinner or dinner, one of the cannibals falls in love with her. But how can one explain to the rest of his fellow tribesmen that now this woman is not a potential dinner?


The Toymaker (2017)

370 views Comments (0)

The Toymaker

Sinister horror film “The Toymaker” sends the viewer in the days of Nazi Germany, and specifically in 1941. In the center of the story is a simple toy seller, who has got into his hands a mysterious and legendary occult book, thanks to which you can bestow eternal life, as well as breathe life into what it was not before. The Führer learned of the existence of this book and of course was of particular interest in it, and in this connection a brutal hunt was opened on the toymaker. When the Nazis begin a real terror in the village, where the book and its owner are, the protagonist decides to give life to his collection of old dolls. (more…)


Annabelle: Creation (2017)

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Annabelle: Creation

The movie “Annabelle: Creation” tells about the puppet master and his wife. Many years ago the only daughter of an elderly couple was tragically killed. Poor parents could not accept such a fate. They long grieved for the baby and even years later, the pain did not abate. Suddenly, the woman finds out that there is a shelter near their house. Soon the refuge for orphans must be closed, but they still have not decided what to do with the pupils themselves. The lady made a decision, to take the poor things to herself and take care of the crumbs. However, happiness did not last long. Terrible events began to unfold around the newly-made family. A terrible doll, created by the head of the family, went hunting.