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A Quiet Place (2018)

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A Quiet Place

The population of the Earth became extinct. And not from the glaciers and the heat. It’s all about the appearance of some evil creatures that react to any sound. The main story of the movie “A Quiet Place” will be about the surviving family in such conditions. The family, in which there are many children, is expected to have another one. And infants, as you know, can not keep silent. How will our heroes cope with different foreseen and unforeseen situations? The movie is almost without sound. More precisely without talking. Heroes communicate with the help of gestures, walk barefoot, and do everything very quietly, otherwise do not survive.


The Originals (season 5)

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The Originals

10 episodes

“The Originals” is a story about the first-born vampires. Intrigues and the struggle for power are filled with the life of the ancient – a representative ancient vampire family. After returning to his native New Orleans, the ancients decided to end the conflict between local vampires, werewolves and witches and become the masters of the city. But any imbalance is fraught with consequences.


1 episodes

The main characters of this series “Wellington Paranormal” – policemen from Wellington. They represent a special squad that does not chase criminals and does not conduct investigations. These characters are engaged in shadowing and uncovering the supernatural beings that inhabit the people. Their goals are vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts and many other horrible creatures living in New Zealand. True, it soon becomes clear that these unique creatures are nothing special from people, theye do not differ from us. They, like everyone else, get into the police station because of drunken debauches, bathing in fountains, traffic violations and much more!


iZombie (season 4)

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13 episodes

A student at the Medical Institute, Olivia Moore, becomes a zombie. To maintain her human essence, she has to have human brains, and this does not bring her any pleasure. To gain access to fresh “products”, the girl settles in the office of the coroner, investigating the murders, occurred under unusual circumstances. Every time, eating the brain of this or that person, the heroine of the series “iZombie” sees all the memories of the deceased. With this ability, a zombie girl helps a detective and forensic expert discover mysterious crimes.


Unsane (2018)

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This heated psychological drama “Unsane” is rather even horror. The young heroine of which, possessed by fear of persecution, present or fictitious, starts running from the invisible “stalker” and gets into the psychiatric hospital. This is where the real nightmare begins – the balance between unbearable reality and insanity. The instinct of survival dictates to her all the new insanities, doctors take her for ailment, the police refuse to believe her, and most importantly, she already does not know whether she can be trusted to herself.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

Spouses Cindy and Mike after another trick of his uncontrollable daughter decide to place Kinsey in a strict indoor boarding house. Before the girl is under surveillance, Cindy, Mike, Kinsey and her brother Luke go on the last joint family vacation, planning to stay in the trailer park of their distant relative. The road is delayed, the family arrives at the place of rest only in the dead of night and immediately becomes an object of persecution of strange maniacs in masks. Fierce strangers turn off the phones and destroy the mobile phones of unwitting victims – locked in a park where each house looks like everyone else, innocent persecuted can rely only on themselves if they want to get out of the night hunting by the winners.

Fear the Walking Dead

8 episodes

The new project “Fear the Walking Dead” shows the viewer where the zombie apocalypse began and how the virus originated. The action takes place in Los Angeles, in the center of the story instructor Travis and Madison Clark with two children – Nick and Ashley, they together try to escape from the surging world of madness. No one knows about the virus, it all starts with strange events happening all over the country – the authorities record cases of sudden attacks of people against each other, inexplicable outbursts of rage.


Selfie from Hell (2018)

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Selfie from Hell

One sister comes to visit to another. And they are not at all similar to each other. Strangeness begins from the very beginning. And the whole point is, that one of the sisters somewhere climbed on the Internet, saw something unavailable, and now she is in reality pursuing some kind of virtual. In general, all the same in the plot of the movie “Selfie fron Hell” has its own meaning – it once again tries to show us the harmfulness of the Internet. People are already so focused on selfi and blogs that they forget what real life is.


Ghostland (2018)

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Let the title of the movie “Ghostland” do not mislead anyone, there will be no more ghosts than the human mind can afford. But what kind he is – sick or healthy, this is much more important. There are brilliant pictures in which everything that happens unfolds 180 degrees, towards the end. The later this can be done, the more emotionally surprised “so that’s it.” Yes, this moment will be presented here, and let it be presented at the end, but rather a little behind the middle of what is happening, there is still a restart of what has already been seen, and this does not help to weaken the interest to the movie “Ghostland”.


Slasher (season 2)

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8 episodes

Slasher is a Canadian-American television drama-anthology series starring Katie McGrath. Slasher is the first own-produced series by U.S. TV channel Chiller and centers around a young woman, Sarah, who is confronted with a series of horrifying copycat murders, that are based on the widely-known killings of her parents years ago. (more…)