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Tut (season 1)

2,342 views Comments (9)


3 episodes

Tut is a Canadian historical TV series about Pharaoh Tut. The story tells all aspects of the life of a young ruler in detail: his ascension to the throne, his attempts to control empires fragmented, his trace in the history and mystery that covered his death.


This is a beautiful story that will make you look at the screen with an open mouth. Incredible Indian film is about the dispute between two brothers that was stretched by two generations.


Home Fires (season 1)

1,619 views Comments (3)


6 episodes

Home Fires is TV series produced by iTV channel. The events take place during the Second World War, in the countryside in Cheshire. At this period the situation was extremely stressful, because almost all men were summoned to the front, because of the constant bombing by Luftwaffe. Almost all of the management of the town and residents lay on the shoulders of women. This is the story of three women who are trying to support life in the once peaceful and joyful village. The show consists of 6 series and is a remake of the same series in 1987.



Turn (season 2)

3,644 views Comments (8)


10 episodes

You probably remember about the American War of Independence from history lessons. It was a massive fight in North America in 1775-1783-ies. The result of this revolution was the declaration of independence of the United States. These events are described in the series “Turn”. This is the story of a farmer from New York, who along with his friends from childhood, organized a group of spies. They played a major role in the struggle for the independence of America. Create a group of spies is very serious and difficult mission. But our protagonist is ready for any challenges…



The Reign of the Queen is marked as a golden era in the history of Egypt. She has gained most of the wealth, what will inherit Tutankhamun. If the name of Queen Hatshepsut is not very well known, that there are reasons for it. Her images have been erased, and the body disappeared from the tomb. Now researchers go in search of the missing mummy of Queen. They conduct forensic investigations using computed tomography. After more than three thousand years, the mystery of Hatshepsut can finally be revealed. This may be the greatest unsolved mystery of ancient Egypt. (more…)


Driving America (2015)

291 views Comments (0)

driving-americaDriving America, primarily, is a story about cars. Old luxury Cadillacs with fish fins, American muscle cars of 60’s and its main struggle between Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro to be named as the American Legend, fashionable cabrioles which blow up all America. The history of the car has its roots back in the old days. If you want to know it get ready to turn on the TV show Driving America. You will learn all about our iron friends and their impact on American culture…



Eva Braun (2015)

668 views Comments (0)

646528Eva Braun met Adolf Hitler when she was young and worked as an assistant of photographer. At that time Adolf was just a fresh party member with great ambitions and grandiose plans. During a sixteen years Eva was his lover, her name and face knew just a few people in Germany, because it was believed that their relationship can greatly damage the reputation of Hitler. For the rest of people the Fuhrer was engaged exclusively with Germany. Losing the country and having lived the last days of the Nazi regime Adolf finally got married to Eva Braun in a secret bunker.



Anzac Girls (season 1)

1,000 views Comments (0)

anzac-girlsTV series “Anzac Girls” was shot on the novel by Peter Rees and reveals life stories of five nurses. Young girls are serving in Australian and New Zeland military corps, where they learned to fall into a military hospital. The action takes place during World War II. Nurses are taken to treat and save the lives of young men. All events occur in a certain location of Australia. Then they spread to the island of Cairo, Lemnos Gallipoli Peninsula. The war spread to many towns and forced to shed tears not only civilians but also soldiers. The participants of the war were all, as well as representatives of the ANZAC. Author of the novel denounced the story to the present day. TV series is based on real events.



Selma (2014)

401 views Comments (2)


This drama is based on the demonstrations in 1965, made in a town, named Selma, located in Alabama state by such a famous activist, who was protecting human rights, as Martin Luther King. The marches had a goal to reach the equal voting rights. The movie is made increadably close to the real story. (more…)


’71 (2014)

830 views Comments (0)


1971. Belfast riots in the streets lead to a veritable civil war. Our main hero – a soldier, who was sent to Belfast to pacify the warring parties – the military loyal to the Protestants and Catholics in revolt. It is very difficult to do your duty in such situations, because you should not shoot people, you have to reassure them. It so happened that during the riot the guy left in the city alone. The guy must hold at least a night and run away from Belfast. He will survive for 24 hours, during that time he finds a true friendship with a small rebel and tortures of priest family. The film is based on real events. (more…)