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Colonia (2016)

3,058 views Comments (0)

Daniel lives in Chili and Lena has just few days between the flights to stay with him. And just in few hours their life changes forever. He got caught by Pinochet’s solders and sent to the Colonia Dignidad – the prison on the South of country, sadly famous for tortures of prisoners. Lena follows Daniel and getting inside with only one goal – to get him out of the place no one ever got out from. (more…)


The Finest Hours (2016)

633 views Comments (0)


Two oil tanker damaged by the storm. Despite the fact that the waves continue to rage, coastal rescue team sent to the Cape Cape Cod to rescue crew members of both ships on wooden boats. The film is based on real events occurring in 1952.l.


Underground (season 1)

5,131 views Comments (5)


10 episodes

The main characters are a group of slaves, which plans a daring escape from the plantation in Georgia. On the way to the freedom they have to cross the 600 miles, to find true friends – a couple of secret abolitionist who founded the station of the Underground Railroad, as well as to face dangerous enemies – those who make their living by hunting for runaway slaves, and no matter what state servants will be returned to the owners, living or dead …


Indian Summers (season 2)

1,416 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

The story tells us about a man and a woman who are passionate about with his head in his political work. Freya Hoynz was more successful politician than her husband Efden Hoynz. However, such a situation has not always been: a woman for a long time, taking care of family well-being and comfort, it has a pathetic shadow of her husband. And Freya worth taking a step towards success, as he immediately stretched out his hands to the lady. How to react to husband the rapid career of his wife?


War and Peace (season 1)

5,105 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

“War and Peace” is an immortal novel by Lev Tolstoy  that will cast in 2016. The plot of the series revolves around five aristocratic families, and their complex relationship. Natasha Rostova in love with two guys: Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov, she must choose someone for her love and happiness. Events unfolding during the reign of Alexander 1.


Call the Midwife (season 4)

3,635 views Comments (22)


8 episodes + Christmas Special

In the center of the story is real memories of midwife Jennifer Lee, which became a basis for a series of best-selling books by Jennifer Wharf. In the 50s Jenny arrived in a poor area of London, settled in the monastery and Nonnatus with the nuns took to solve the health problems of the East End. In everyday life we see the work of midwives, life of patients and their families. This is not only tragic, dramatic and sometimes shocking moments, it’s a comedy too. Not accidentally shot in the series and Amazing Miranda Hart. TV drama has already received high praise from critics and rolls over ratings. All together it made the producers of the show after two pilot episodes from 6 to renew the show for a second season.



The Last Kingdom (season 1)

10,358 views Comments (18)


8 episodes

Times of Alfred the Great. The king finally able to free a British land from long oppression of the Vikings. The plot revolves around a kidnapped as newborn Utreda. He has Sachs origin, but he grew as the Viking. When the boy grew to manhood, he must choose to fight for Britain as a child of the Saxons or the conquer as a Viking …


Drunk History (season 3)

1,235 views Comments (0)

13 episodes

It’s a tough project from Funny or Die website, which Comedy Central has turned into a real TV show. Storytellers in varying degrees of intoxication are trying to retell well-known historical events, and various Hollywood celebrities portray this nonsense, opening their mouths to opinion replica.


Micheil De Ruyter (2015)

634 views Comments (0)


Netherlands is experiencing a very bad times, on all sides it is attacked by enemies. Micheil De Ruyter is one of the innovators in the military industry, he is known in his country as a hero of the Dutch fleet. He ceases to defend their country in spite of any threats!


Hermitage Revealed (season 1)

717 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

Hermitage is one of the most famous museums in the world, which contains a beautiful collection of paintings. But the film is not a story about the arts or artists, a film about the ordinary workers of the Hermitage. We face some of the most amazing stories of their life …