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The Shannara Chronicles (season 2)

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10 episodes

The events of the second season of the TV series “The Shannara Chronicles” continue to tell the story of the young princess Amber and the last of the Shannar genus – Ville. They, along with the thief Eretria had to find a way to restore Elkris, locking all the demons back. Their adventure ended with the fact that they saved all four kingdoms from evil demons who rebelled and wanted to seize power and rule the whole world. To fight them, the Elves teamed with the Dwarves and together they were ready to attack them. But everything went well, and Amber united with Elkris, saved everyone. (more…)


Stranger Things (season 3)

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Coming Soon episodes

The plot of the American mystical series “Stranger Things” unfolds in a provincial town in the north-eastern part of the United States. This town became the center of mysterious events, which were the result of the once held secret experiments here. After the sudden disappearance of a 12-year-old boy, the residents of the city learned that people with unbelievable abilities live in the neighborhood with them and not all of them are friendly.


Stranger Things (season 2)

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Stranger Things

9 episodes

The events of the series “Stranger Things” develop in the small town of Hawkins. In the yard in 1983, in the midst of the “cold war” between the USSR and the United States. The US government is investing huge amounts of money to create a secret weapon that can help fight the Communists. On one of the bases, experiments are conducted on children, endowed with supernatural abilities. The scientists managed not only to establish contact with the other-worldly essence, but also to bring it into the world of people. The monster begins to kidnap people, mastering a new hunting territory.


The Dark Tower (2017)

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The Dark Tower

The main character of the movie “The Dark Tower (2017)” is a boy named Jake Chambers from New York. For a year he has been tortured by nightmares with the participation of the mysterious Man in Black who intends to plunge the world into darkness, destroying what protects our world and many others from chaos – the Dark Tower. In the last of dreams, Jake sees the Arrow facing the Man in the Black. The boy feels the impending threat and sees his dreams as a warning, while his loved ones are of the opinion that Jake is gradually losing his mind and believe that the visions are a consequence of the boy’s experience of his father’s death. However, being convinced of the reality of his visions, Jake finds a way to get into the world from his dreams, where he finally meets with Shooter and joins him in order to find the Man in Black and save the Tower from destruction.


Throne of Elves (2017)

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Throne of Elves” – is continuation of the adventures of Lambert and his friends. The events unfold after a few years after the first part of the film. This time the enemy to the whole world will be Elena, the dark elf, in whose hands (at the end of the first film) gets a dark crystal. Meanwhile, in the fairy kingdom, preparations are being made for the wedding of the elven princess. The young hero Lambert hurries to a celebration to meet his long-time friend Liya. Meanwhile, the sister of the bride, the villainous Elena, enjoys a festive fuss for seizing power. (more…)


Good Witch (season 1)

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10 episodes

The events of TV show Good Witch begins with the fact that Cassandra Nightingale moves to another city and settled in the house, which allegedly haunted by ghosts. It was strange for locals that Cassandra had the courage to go to the house. It’s very simple for us cause we know that this girl is a witch! Of course, locals don’t know who she really is. By the way, an important fact that Cassandra has the light energy and help to other people to solve their problems. However, despite the good deeds, some city residents don’t think that she’s a good at all.



A Ghost Story (2017)

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It is considered that souls will not rest until they resolve all earthly problems. For this reason, the protagonist of the movie “A Ghost Story” Casey Affleck can not go to heaven and, appearing before us in the form of a ghost, returns to his home. For all this time, he watches his wife suffered, as she slowly began to come to life and allowing men to see her home. He saw her leave the house and how a business center was built on the site of it. (more…)


Teen Wolf (season 6)

17,136 views Comments (13)


20 episodes

Mystical series where there are werewolves, the good and evil and of course love. The school student Scott falls in love with his schoolmate Allison. It would be the excellent story if not one fact. One day Scott was bitten by a werewolf in the wood. After this incident Scott turns from the ordinary boy into the werewolf. And now he should learn to control the aggression of a beast in himself…


Midnight, Texas (season 1)

11,160 views Comments (2)


10 episodes

People with paranormal, and as we say, not human abilities constantly are forced to hide their abilities from a look of ordinary people, and usually they are singles and wander from one city to another searching for a usual privacy. The events of this mystical drama will be developed in one settlement in Texas Midnight which has become a safe place for vampires, witches, psychics, and others who differs from ordinary people. In the center of the plot of the series “Midnight, Texas” is the psychic Bernardo and the story is about his wanderings across America searching for the city that will be glad to him and it won’t be necessary to avoid his abilities.


Preacher (season 2)

8,586 views Comments (14)


13 episodes

We are talking about a former preacher from Texas, who decided to find God in the literal sense. Why is the former?
Yes, because he lost faith and gained alcohol dependence. And the best friend he has – Cassidy, the Irish vampire is also an alcoholic. Custer was accidentally installed by the supernatural creature – so called Genesis. This is demon and angel in one soul. The series “Preacher” is full of all the necessary attributes – the plot, the  atmosphere, the intrigue – everything is colorful and the actors, mysticism and the supernatural.