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Raising Hope (season 2)

7,954 views Comments (19)

Raising Hope season 2 poster

22 episodes

23-year-old Jimmy Chance nothing seeks to. He cleans the pool to earn a living,  goes to parties every day and still lives at home with his family: Maw Maw, his mother Virginia, his father Burt and his cousin Mike. But  Jimmy’s life takes an unexpected turn, when Lucy – convicted offender bore him a child, who should bring up Jimmy. Jimmy’s family is not happy to his daughter. His parents gave birth to him when they were both 15, and then they did not know how to raise children and  they don’t want to know about it now. But Jimmy is determined to grow a daughter  who was named Hope. They have no skills, but they has a big heart. Will the Chance family survive the hardships of unpredictable world of education?



Doctor Who (season 4-6)

13,317 views Comments (37)

Doctor Who 6 season

13 episodes + Special + seasons 4, 5

The series shows the adventures of the mystical alien called himself The Doctor, without the purpose of traveling through time and space in a spaceship TARDIS, which from the outside looks like a phone booth. The Doctor extremely eccentric and has incredible knowledge in the areas of technology, history and science. He travels with his companions along the way battling cosmic villains and save the Earth from the countless enemies. (more…)


Merlin (season 4)

18,796 views Comments (21)

Merlin Season 4

13 episodes

Kingdom of Camelot plunged into chaos. Witchcraft and Wizardry wreak havoc among the people. Uther Pendragon forbids witchcraft under pain of death. Merlin, who was born with magical abilities comes to Camelot after 20 years. He became an assistant of court doctor, Gaius, who helps him find his destiny gifts.
The TV series tells the story of young’s the famous wizard Merlin,  treachery and secret vices,  magic, faith and devotion, and – of course – the battle between good and evil. (more…)