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Bobby (2016)

729 views Comments (2)


If you are a football fan and want to plunge into the history of football, you should see this great movie with your own eyes; this movie is definitely for you! Here we get to know about a famous football player who lived quite a difficult life. The plot of the film is biographical and is told by Bobby’s family, friends and fans. The narration is very purposeful and includes unique video and photo footage.


Janis Joplin is a native of Port Arthur, she always felt like an outcast. Finding like-minded in San Francisco,  Joplin became a superstar – but not for so long.
About Joplin gently and without judgment told her friends, relatives and play with her musicians. In between interviews – we see a videos of songs, recordings of concerts, mad energy that bursts through the screen, and the voice of Cat Power, reading the letters that Janis had time to write for his 27.


Sex In Class (2015)

2,350 views Comments (0)


Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens thinks it’s high time parents and teachers stopped shying away from sex — and she’s on a mission to take off “the blinkers” in a new Channel 4 documentary… (more…)


Hermitage Revealed (season 1)

715 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

Hermitage is one of the most famous museums in the world, which contains a beautiful collection of paintings. But the film is not a story about the arts or artists, a film about the ordinary workers of the Hermitage. We face some of the most amazing stories of their life …


Just a few people in the world know the name of Stanislav Petrov. However, everyone should know his name and humanity must erect a monument for his tremendous achievement. Indeed, thanks to Stanislav, we are still alive. Stanislav Petrov – a Soviet officer who prevented a nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis.


The documentary about how humanity has come to such an invention, like money. We trace the history of their emergence from the primitive barter, when there was the exchange of goods, to precious stones that were once the money to modern banknotes with multilevel protection.


American Takedown (season 1)

1,178 views Comments (7)


6 episodes

American Takedown is a documentary series about a real work of American police. In this show you will see not only the specific police department, you are going to feel the life of cops in full. Drug control, human trafficking, petty crime, hooliganism, shootings – all that is the area visited by operators with real cops… (more…)


Dennis Rodman is on a mission. After forging an unlikely friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he wants to improve relations between North Korea and the US by staging a historic … (more…)


Cartel Land (2015)

664 views Comments (0)


The documentary western which is set in the 21st century. Two groups of vigilantes on both sides of the border are fighting with the evil Mexican drug cartels. With unprecedented access to the materials, the filmmakers raise serious problems of lawlessness, the collapse of the order, the rights of citizens to resort to arms to protect against violence.


The world celebrated another great achievement of mankind in July 15th. NASA’s spacecraft The New Horizon, which was sent back in 2006 finally reached its goal – the dwarf planet Pluto! The farthest point of our solar system. A documentary about NASA’s mission and sending The New Horizon, which opens to us a new world! (more…)