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Beast of Burden (2018)

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Beast of Burden

Sean is a military pilot in the movie”Beast of Burden” who dedicated his youth to serving in peacekeeping forces. When it was time to quit, the man faced a terrible tragedy: his wife Jen had cancer, but the military insurance did not cover the medical services rendered to his wife. To quickly raise the money, Sean agrees to transport a cargo of drugs across the Mexican border on a light-engine aircraft, but in order to be conscientious, the carrier claims to be scheduled for delivery to the US Drug Enforcement Unit. The take-off passes smoothly, but then Sean has problems – the traffickers learn that the distribution channel has been uncovered, and the police can not agree with the border guards so that the aircraft can fly to the United States without any obstacles and bring them to the customer.


Thoroughbreds (2017)

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The roads of two friends from the suburbs of Connecticut split, and the girls have not seen each other for several years. When the girls meet again, they decide to restore their former friendship. With closer communication, the girls notice that they both changed very much, and even became capable of murder. So, the movie “Thoroughbreds” will tell about how a rich schoolgirl and her sociopathic girlfriend plan to kill her stepfather.


The Hurricane Heist (2018)

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The Hurricane Heist

The action will unfold in America, where a gang of deft criminals is about to commit a daring large robbery. Plans to clean up the treasury of the United States for more than half a billion dollars can not prevent even the warning about the coming storm. On the contrary, the main characters of the movie “The Hurricane Heist” are desperate to use the riot of the elements as a cover for their criminal deeds. That’s only in the implementation of the idea of the hurricane reaches an incredibly dangerous fifth category, becoming much more deadly and destructive than a gang of cybercriminals could imagine. The plan is bursting at the seams, the elements are gathering categories of danger, meanwhile, the robbery is learned: a bank employee, a sailor and a meteorologist, ready in spite of the hurricane to prevent the robbers from turning over the conceived business.


The Commuter (2018)

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The Commuter

60-year-old Michael (Liam Neeson) daily takes a commuter rail in a New York suburb and travels to Manhattan to work: the last ten years he is an employee of an insurance corporation. Prior to that, Michael was a policeman, but changed his occupation to better support the family after the 2008 crisis. And then one day, when time comes to deal with the second mortgage and pay for the son’s university, he is informed of the dismissal. The protagonist of the movie “The Commuter” drinks beer in a bar, where his former colleague-policemen spend time, tells his wife that everything is fine, and takes his train home. Soon a woman arrives to him and suddenly informs the following: there is a man in the train and it is known only that his (or her) name is Prin, he has something stolen in his bag, and if Michael finds this man and puts GPS-tracker in his bag, he will receive 100 thousand dollars.


Ice (season 2)

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10 episodes

The family of Greens in the series “Ice” is in the center of attention. They are famous diamond traders in Los Angeles, who lead both a legal and an illegal market for diamonds in the city. One day, Freddie’s eldest son kills a stone merchant from a competing gang. Now the Green family is in danger, because they crossed the road of the dangerous and bloodthirsty owner of the diamond empire of Lady Ra. Brother Jacob is trying at any cost to save Freddie and pay the debt to Lady Ra.

All the Money in the World

In 1973, Italian bandits kidnapped in Rome 16-year-old Paul Getty third, the grandson of the richest man in the world. Criminals demand a ransom of 17 million dollars – a modest sum by the standards of Paul Getty, who became rich in Arabian oil. However, the billionaire is famous for his stinginess, and he does not give up his principles even for the sake of his grandson. Getty announces that he will not pay a penny to the kidnappers. Instead, he sends his security expert Fletcher Chase (Mark Wahlberg) to Rome, who is trying to find the kidnapped youth and morally support his mother Gail.


The Americans (season 6)

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The Americans

10 episodes

The height of the Cold War. In the US, agents of the KGB, a man (Matthew Reese) and a woman (Keri Russell) are abandoned. In fact, strangers, hardly familiar with each other people, should live like a strong American family. For the authenticity of the relationship, they have a very real joint children. The activity of an agent in a foreign country is a difficult task, it is necessary to obtain intelligence, and at the same time not to get caught. They have to kill, start families on the side, constantly change the appearance. At the same time, children should not suspect anything, and after all they are already teenagers, it is almost impossible to hide falsehood. Such circumstances bring together, the relationship between unwitting spouses gradually becomes closer and real feelings emerge.


Lucifer (season 3)

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26 episodes

According to the plot of the series “Lucifer” in the third season, the king of hell got bored and went on a trip to Los Angeles. Here he is an ordinary businessman who enjoys human life and helps a detective to achieve justice in our sinful world. In the city, he arranges a consultant to the police department. And why not, because Lucifer has a unique ability – all people with him speak only the truth. The series is based on the comics of Mike Carey and Neil Gaiman. (more…)


Trust (season 1)

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10 episodes

In Rome, the grandson of the oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty is kidnapped. Criminals expect to receive a multi-million redemption for Paul Getty III. However, to the surprise of the kidnappers, no one is in a hurry to save the teenager. The Italian police believe that this is a rally, and refuses to investigate.
Paul’s father is drugged in London and does not answer phone calls. Grandfather – perhaps the richest man in the world – is too busy, having fun with five mistresses in one of the English estates. And only an unhappy mother, deprived of financial support, is doing everything possible to get her son back. The series “Trust” is based on real events.


Kiri (season 1)

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4 episodes

The series “Kiri” tells a story that happened with an African girl named Kiri. Or rather about her disappearance. Here we also will know about the fate of the social worker Miriam, who looked after the girl and who was accused of what happened. Everybody was against her — friends, bosses, the media and foster parents of the girl. Miriam understands that she will have to independently look for Kiri, but in the situation around the main character, it’s not so simple.