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Gun Shy (2017)

367 views Comments (0)

Gun Shy

The best days of rocker Turk Henry are long behind – after his marriage to supermodel Sheila he left the band, could not sing solo, but still has the means to luxuriate on the beach or lie in a jacuzzi with a can of beer. To somehow diversify leisure, the wife pulls the musician to rest in exotic Chile, but there the couple shares, following their own interests, and Sheila, fascinated by the unusual nature and culture, suddenly finds herself hostage to a gang of local criminals. Villains recognize the star and demand a ransom from Turk, but he is not free to dispose of such things alone in a foreign country, and a special agent from the US embassy does not recommend going on a deal with terrorists.


Sherlock Gnomes (2018)

281 views Comments (0)

Sherlock Gnomes

Not only adults should enjoy the deductive method of investigation, which applies a well-known worldwide detective. Here and 7 years after the cartoon about the dwarves, but with the Shakespearean approach, came out the second, in a different genre. Then it was a melodrama, and now a full-fledged toy detective “Sherlock Gnomes”. Reds and blues are already a friendly family moving to London. The truth is there is quite a running garden that makes Juliet responsible not only enjoy the company of Gnomeo, but how to make order in the new territory. But the more significant problem is the disappearance of all gnomes.


Brockmire (season 2)

7,262 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jim Brockmire, the illustrious sports commentator of the highest league baseball — suddenly finds out about the numerous novels of his adored wife. The news that he lived with a serial traitor for many years, causes a nervous breakdown on the air. The video with the raging star instantly enters the net, after which Jim is fired. Ten years later, the hero of the series “Brockmire” decides to restore his career and improve his personal life. He arranges a commentator for the games of the lowest baseball league in a tiny provincial Morristown. He will work with the manager of the local team of the second division.


Atak paniki (2017)

1,124 views Comments (0)

Atak paniki

A story in which ordinary people fall into a whirlwind of unexpected events, which radically changes their lives. An attractive author of detectives on a date meets her ex. Returning from vacation, the couple choose the worst places in the aircraft. A young girl runs the risk of being an exposed girlfriend, that she is a porn star. The bride with the help of a dog psychologist gives birth at her own wedding. And at this time the waiter is trying to save the planet. The bravura comedy “Atak paniki “, in which nothing is as it seems, and everyday life turns into a real madness.


The Night Shift (season 2)

9,597 views Comments (13)


14 episodes

Dr.TC Callahan is a former military doctor who works now in the hospital of San Antonio on the night shift. He is a true professional, but he is expected numerous obstacles ahead. His ex-girlfriend and current colleague Jordan Alexander does everything possible to hold a higher rank in the hospital. Nevertheless it is extremely difficult, Jordan needs to prove her supervisor Michael Ragosa that she worths this position. At that period relationship between TC and Michael become worse on professional grounds. Jordan is doing everything possible to save the balance in the team…



Life Sentence (season 1)

8,142 views Comments (0)

Life Sentence

13 episodes

The series “Life Sentence” will tell the story of a young girl Stella, who was mistakenly diagnosed with a neglected stage of cancer. When some time later she finds out that she does not die, the girl is faced with the consequences of the mass of decisions and actions committed during the period when she lived every day, like the last. Now we need to return life to the usual course, well, or at least find the middle between recklessly adopted decisions and real life.


Knight Squad (season 1)

4,930 views Comments (0)

Knight Squad

12 episodes

A new comic series fantasy “Knight Squad” will tell you about two schoolchildren who, by chance coincidence, are bound by a common secret. Once upon a time these two guys were at enmity with each other. But now they had to unite in a Knight Squad, but they are completely different in character. Both main characters in their dreams have always seen themselves as brave warriors saving the princesses. And now their dreams come true.


Champions (season 1)

8,035 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Vince lives a life that is every bachelor’s dream. He owns the fifth largest gym in Brooklyn, meets with a bunch of beautiful women and lives with his stupid but cute brother Matthew. But Vince’s simple life becomes more complicated when his school love Priya reveals that he has a 15-year-old son Michael who wants to go to school for gifted children, and so now he will live with Vince.


Archer (season 9)

5,602 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

This cartoon “Archer” is a comedy animated series for adults. The plot tells about the spy organization ISIS. The main character, Archer – special agent, who received his post, due to the fact that his mother is the boss of the calving room. Archer is a fairly charismatic character. He is a chauvinist, an egoist, a mama’s son. He, often because of his inclinations to girls, alcohol get into various woes. Quite a lot of jokes are based precisely on the basis of the opposition of the character of Archer and the characters of the other heroes. In addition to Archer, we are represented all employees of the organization, each of which is worth a special attention.


Thoroughbreds (2017)

201 views Comments (0)


The roads of two friends from the suburbs of Connecticut split, and the girls have not seen each other for several years. When the girls meet again, they decide to restore their former friendship. With closer communication, the girls notice that they both changed very much, and even became capable of murder. So, the movie “Thoroughbreds” will tell about how a rich schoolgirl and her sociopathic girlfriend plan to kill her stepfather.