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Banshee (season 4)

9,960 views Comments (11)


8 episodes

The story is about previous criminal, who was condemned by his associates. At the point when his punishment finished, he chose to become a sheriff, who will control the circumstances in the city. As the time gone, he figured out how to get the post of his dream. His present wasn’t so good, so he reminds everything, what he was taught. When he began to work, the weird deaths happened in the city. (more…)


Janis Joplin is a native of Port Arthur, she always felt like an outcast. Finding like-minded in San Francisco,  Joplin became a superstar – but not for so long.
About Joplin gently and without judgment told her friends, relatives and play with her musicians. In between interviews – we see a videos of songs, recordings of concerts, mad energy that bursts through the screen, and the voice of Cat Power, reading the letters that Janis had time to write for his 27.


The Durrells (season 1)

1,727 views Comments (8)


6 episodes

The plot is based on the autobiographical work of the English naturalist, writer Gerald Durrel who found the Jersey Zoo in 1935. Darrell Louise, whose husband recently died, moved from London to the Greek island of Corfu to cope with financial difficulties and rouse the four children.


Eddie The Eagle (2016)

928 views Comments (0)


Michael Edwards dream about the only one thing since a childhood – to take part in the Olympic Games. But, unfortunately, it turned out that he has no abilities to any kind of sport. This problem did not affect the dream Eddie. Touched by his perseverance, former US champion coach becomes a Man. Their goal – the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Discipline, in which Michael will compete very dangerous – jumping.


10 episodes

American Crime Story is a TV show based on real events that took place in America. The most famous and terrific crimes of the 20th century and the last few years. The most famous serial killers and maniacs, everything told without the slightest deviation from the history.


American Crime (season 2)

5,728 views Comments (4)


10 episodes

The plot centered in a little town of Modesto, California, where was an attack on a young couple of mixed race. The case soon takes a nationwide attention, fueling tensions over racial and sexual discrimination. The series has been met with universal recognition by critics for its bold approach to storytelling, racial point of view and an acting game. The series was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards.


Da Vinci’s Demons (season 3)

10,038 views Comments (15)

 da vinci's demons

10 episodes

Da Vinci’s Demons is a new fantastic drama created by David Goyer in 2013. The story tells us fictionalized version of Leanordo Da Vinchi’s life. The early life of that person really hides a lot of secrets. Who was Leonardo? How he opened the whole potential of his genious? David Goyer gives us his vision of Vinchi’s life. In renaisssance Italy people think that everything is created by God, the nature and the whole Universe obey to him. Leonardo was among the people who said no to church dogmas. He understands not only the human body and physics he does also beautiful paintings. Despite the fact that Leonardo avoids the church he often works there as a painter. While working there he embroiled to the political life in Florence. Duke of Milan knew about genious painter and inventor that’s why he hired Da Vinchi to create a military weapons and machines to him. The story describes how was Leo involved in a military engineering. This event is connected with a Book of Leaves what Da Vinchi wrote in that period.



Micheil De Ruyter (2015)

634 views Comments (0)


Netherlands is experiencing a very bad times, on all sides it is attacked by enemies. Micheil De Ruyter is one of the innovators in the military industry, he is known in his country as a hero of the Dutch fleet. He ceases to defend their country in spite of any threats!


Straight Outta Compton (2015)

850 views Comments (2)


This biographical drama is awaited in 2015. A new music band N.W.A. emerges on the streets of Compton, California state, and makes a hip-hop revolution in the middle of 1980s. Members of N.W.A include Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren, Ice Cube and DJ Yella. The film’s title is originally taken from the name of N.W.A’s 1988 first album. Spectators will observe the whole group’s story, strarting from the very beginning through the success till the disbanding. (more…)


Tut (season 1)

2,340 views Comments (9)


3 episodes

Tut is a Canadian historical TV series about Pharaoh Tut. The story tells all aspects of the life of a young ruler in detail: his ascension to the throne, his attempts to control empires fragmented, his trace in the history and mystery that covered his death.