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Victoria (season 2)

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9 episodes

The series “Victoria” are incredibly interesting historical drama which events take place when Queen Victoria governed. She was a very purposeful woman. Her name says for itself – “Victory” that it really renders great value on character of the strong woman who wasn’t given before any difficulties on the way. Here, her vital destiny is bright facts that has led her to a government rank: the ascension period on a throne and before marriage with prince Albert. She ruled Great Britain 64 years, and has inherited the kingdom in 18 years. In the season 2 of the series, Victoria will continue the story of her life and reign, in addition to the state of Affairs, she had a family.


Battle of the Sexes (2017)

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The protagonist of this sports-comedy movie “Battle of the Sexes” – famous professional tennis player Billie Jean King. She has got many world records. And when she finished her career, King began a real battle for the equality of men and women in sports. And she proved that women as good as men can play tennis, beating the first racket of the world Bobby Riggs. This match was a real national event, and the results of the game made a real sensation. From now on, women tennis players began to receive the same cash prizes as men.


Stronger (2017)

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The tragic story “Stronger” is about the terrorist attack that occurred at the Boston Marathon in 2013. In the center of the movie is a real story about Jeff Bauman, one of the participants in these tragic events, who lost both his legs. And after such it is difficult to remain strong, it is difficult to believe in people and that you can win over all this. The protagonist helps the police to track down terrorists, trying not to focus on their personal injury, which he received on this ill-fated day. (more…)

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

The movie “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain” is about Eric LeMarque, who was a very good hockey player. But the constant stress and physical trauma have done their job. Eric began to use a strong psychostimulant, which is classified as a drug. Of course this led to extremely negative consequences and hockey remains in the past. Once, he falls into an accident. The mother of the former hockey player Susan takes him. Seven days later, the court should be held and LeMarque decided to spend this week in a small house, which is located near the tourist base. Eric still can not live without adrenaline. He got carried away by snowboarding and wants to ride on the snowy mountains. It was an ordinary day on February 6, 2004. Weather forecasters promised a worse weather, but LeMarque did not pay any attention to the warning. Eric started another descent when the snowstorm rose. The man is lost and now he needs to get to the nearest mountain in order to signal the rescuers.


The Glass Castle (2017)

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The Glass Castle

The movie “The Glass Castle” tells the story of an unusual American family. In the center of the plot – a complex relationship between daughter and father. The father of the main heroine is an extraordinary and bright nature, although very contradictory. Such a person, probably, could achieve a lot in his life, but he consciously chooses for himself the way of an asocial, without a penny in his pocket and without a permanent roof over his head, and his choice becomes destiny for his whole family: his wife and four his children. The father abuses alcohol, children often live half-starving. And yet, children learn to survive, which is praiseworthy.


Alias Grace (season 1)

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Alias Grace

6 episodes

The series “Alias Grace” takes place in 1843. The Canadian public was shocked by a terrible double murder: Thomas Kinnear was killed and his pregnant housekeeper Nancy Montgomery, with whom he was in a relationship and even had a common child. In the commission of the crime they accused the servant Grace Marks and the groom James McDermott. The police have evidence and they all point to the involvement of grace. The girl was arrested, but she denies any wrongdoing. Gracie doesn’t remember anything, and the circumstances of the murder shocked her. However, the police do not believe a frightened woman, so they sentence her for many years in prison. In prison, Grace has to endure restrictions and horrible treatment. A woman does not lose faith that one day justice will prevail. Once, the circumstances of the controversial case attracted Dr. Simon Jordan. He is convinced of the guilt of grace, but still wants to help the woman to revive memories. (more…)


The plot of the drama “The Man With The Iron Heart” is based on surviving after World War II documents, photographs, and eyewitness accounts of those terrible events, and is dedicated to the historical personality of Reinhard Heydrich. This scary person was called the chief architect of the Holocaust, and one of the main performers of the project of the Jewish genocide, both in Germany and in all the occupied territories. In his 27 years, Heydrich was considered a very important person for the Nazi party. During the war, Heydrich’s atrocities were legendary, and the Czech partisans, at the risk of their own lives, began to work out a plan to destroy a man who was highly valued by the Nazi leadership.


American Made (2017)

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American Made

The movie “American Made” is about the passionate, disastrous desire to get rich, which pushed private pilot-adventurer Barry Seal, to illegal earnings. Having become acquainted with the brutal heads of the monopolistic cartel Medellan, he began to engage in criminal, covert transportation of expensive drugs. However, the CIA agents soon revealed a clear connection between the compatriot and the foreign criminal syndicate and offered to work for the government. But the existence of a double agent is in danger when the Mafia expose the lucky spy. Only the timely intervention of the curators of this operation can save the unlucky hero who finds himself in a very difficult, delicate situation.


The Durrells (season 2)

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The Durrells

6 episodes

The series “The Durrells” narrates about the Darrell family and is based on the autobiographical works of the English naturalist, writer Gerald Darrell, unfolding in 1935. After the death of her husband, Louise Durrell remained practically without any means of subsistence and decided to move with her four eccentric offspring from London to Corfu. Life is cheaper there, the weather is better, plus the horrible relatives are far away. The heroine is looking for an opportunity to start a new life, which would bring at least some kind of joy. There the heroine gets a small dwelling, and also has some amount of money left after selling a house in London. Now she has to figure out how to put four restless children on her feet.


The Wizard of Lies (2017)

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The movie “The Wizard of Lies” will tell about the life of Bernie Madoff. He is among talented and able-bodied people. With great force of persuasion. It is not easy to inspire others to give up their savings without a special guarantee. He created a huge financial pyramid lasted until 2008. Only the economic crisis put an end to it. The loss to the state and ordinary citizens is calculated in huge amounts. Next to him there always was his beautiful wife Ruth.