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Seven Sisters (2017)

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Seven Sisters

In the not too distant future, the world government introduces a harsh law for married couples: the spouses must educate only one child. Doctors are obliged to immediately take radical measures when suspicion of a second pregnancy, society is forced to put up with the law. However, one family still breaks the law, and soon there are 7 twin sisters in the world. To save the lives of newborns, their mother goes to the trick and parents call their daughters according to the days of the week, and one common thing is secular – the nickname serves as their protective talisman. Each child is released into the big world only once a week, following the planned nominal order. But one day an unforeseen incident happens that can destroy sisters and their parents – Monday disappears without a trace, causing turmoil in the house. Who could have attacked the young lady? (more…)


Deep (2017)

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The cartoon “Deep” is about the distant future, when humanity completely left the Earth. Nature, left without the influence of human civilization, began to expand and develop. As a result, the planet was enveloped in water, which led to the appearance of colonies of amusing sea creatures. Amazing marine creatures have learned to adapt to life in the remotest and deepest parts of the world’s oceans. There also lives an extravagant and slightly eccentric octopus Deep and his friends. The main characters live in peace and tranquility until the accident occurs, as a result of which destroyed the whole area of their habitat.


The Punisher (season 1)

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The Punisher

13 episodes

Frank Castle is a simple young man who lived a quiet life with his family. However, misfortune changed him, turned life upside down. In one of the street skirmishes of New York gangs, ordinary civilians suffered. Among them were the parents of the protagonist. They died, so Frank promised himself that he would avenge all the bandits of this city. The main character grew, gained strength and prepared for revenge. Soon the long-awaited hunt for the city’s criminals begins. These people have long crossed the line of law, but will the law like Frank overtake them? He no longer cares what the police think about him. He made a decision and is ready to become a real “Punisher” who will punish the representatives of the criminal world. However, will it be easier for him after numerous murders?


The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017)

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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

This is a funny animated comedy -“The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature”. The enterprising mayor of the city signs a decree on cutting down parks. The aim of the administration is to break down golf courses in densely populated areas. These innovations will make it possible to extract a certain profit, improve the welfare of officials. The squirrel Surly and his friends decided to prevent it. Having enlisted the support of the white kung fu mouse and his army, the beasts rushed into battle. Noticeably added in epic and span the animated cartoon sequel about the unbearable rodents – everyone will get the nuts.


Cars 3 (2017)

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Cars 3

Lightning McQueen -, perhaps, the most famous racer of all time, and has many victories and records. However, his rivals are not asleep, and the victories are getting more complicated every time. Lightning begins to fail to withstand tough competition, and he is offered to retire and forget about racing forever. However, this guy is not used to giving up and is going to prove to all his fans and enemies that he is still able to show the highest results and climb to the highest step of the pedestal. Ahead of him awaiting exciting adventures and new acquaintances, as well as hard preparation for, perhaps, the most important start in his entire career. (more…)


Inhumans (season 1)

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8 episodes

At the heart of the series “Inhumans” is the result of the enmity of two cosmic races – Skrull and Kree. As always, one race wants to conquer the other and seeks ways of realization it. So, the race of Kree had an idea to create allies and use them as warriors. The experiments went well, but then this program was closed. But those who had been already created, formed their own isolated community using advanced technologies, and built their own kingdom of Atillan. At the head of their kingdom was King Black Bolt, who reigns with the Royal Family. He has to maintain the strict laws and order that has been established in the Kingdom. (more…)


20 episodes

You perfectly know the main heroes of this amusing cartoon serial “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “! We can see the real superheroes of the present. Each of them has an amusing story in the past, but together Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo are Turtles ninjas under leadership of the teacher Splinter once again throw down a challenge to the criminal world of huge New York. Chewing pizza, the main characters without problems find time for giving battle to nasty criminals, and also annoying Schroeder and a couple Krengs – aliens who have all of a sudden attacked Earth! A new season is already before you. Pleasant viewing! (more…)


Bushwick (2017)

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The movie “Bushwick” is tense action about the military attack that struck New York by the efforts of Texas separatists. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, young Lucy tries to reach home, bypassing soldiers, marauders, traitors. Her unexpected companion is a veteran of a menacing appearance. Student Lucy brings her boyfriend Jose to her native Bushwick to introduce him to her sister and grandmother. But already in the subway begin strange things – on the platform there is nobody, and the controller declares a state of emergency. The boy is killed with an explosion at the exit from the metro, it turns out that the peaceful quarter is now a theater of military operations – armed people everywhere, snipers on the roofs, armored vehicles. Scared Lucy in a panic stumbles on two scumbags with pistols.


The Emoji Movie (2017)

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The Emoji Movie

This is a cartoon “The Emoji Movie (2017)” where all emotions live in the city of Textopolis and everyone performs their function. If you are a crying smiley, you should always cry, even when everything is fine, but if laughing, then laugh always, even when it’s bad. But our main character Gene is not exactly normal. It combines all the smileys, and should be just Mee (like boredom), like his parents. Emoji has a job where they stand in cubes, and when a person selects certain smiles, they are scanned and the image is transferred to the screen. The first day Gene just was not successful, his “mee” at the right time did not work, because of what he panicked and he was scanned anyhow, and the image came to Alex’s girlfriend. (more…)


The Dark Tower (2017)

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The Dark Tower

The main character of the movie “The Dark Tower (2017)” is a boy named Jake Chambers from New York. For a year he has been tortured by nightmares with the participation of the mysterious Man in Black who intends to plunge the world into darkness, destroying what protects our world and many others from chaos – the Dark Tower. In the last of dreams, Jake sees the Arrow facing the Man in the Black. The boy feels the impending threat and sees his dreams as a warning, while his loved ones are of the opinion that Jake is gradually losing his mind and believe that the visions are a consequence of the boy’s experience of his father’s death. However, being convinced of the reality of his visions, Jake finds a way to get into the world from his dreams, where he finally meets with Shooter and joins him in order to find the Man in Black and save the Tower from destruction.