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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

After the death of Khan Solo, the confrontation between the First Order and the Resistance is only exacerbated. Luke Skywalker helps Rey to reveal her abilities, but the power of the awakened Force in her frightens even him. However, inside him there are doubts about the correctness of their actions. In the meantime, Leia Organa, who heads the Resistance, is working with her companions to develop a new plan that should lead to the collapse of the First Order. (more…)


The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie

A spectacular, colorful and mind-blowing cartoon “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” will immerse the viewer in a fun and exciting atmosphere of real adventures. In the heart of the rapidly developing events are six ordinary teenage friends, who in the daytime struggle with school everyday life. And at night, if there is such a need, they turn into true superheroes who are ready to sacrifice everything, even their own lives, to save the native Ninjago City (more…)


The Mountain Between Us (2017)

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The Mountain Between Us

The main characters of the drama”The Mountain Between Us” are the writer Alex and the long-time surgeon Ben. It turns out that they are the only survivors of the crash of a private jet. The services of which they used for urgent need. During the flight, the aircraft on which the main characters are flying crashes in the forests of Colorado. They are in total isolation from the world. They need to find a common language in order to survive in the extreme conditions of the distant snow-capped mountains. And they must overcome many difficulties and they can rely only on themselves and on each other. (more…)


The Orville (season 1)

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12 episodes

The series “Orville” tell fun and fascinating story about the team of the spacecraft under the name “Orville”, which consists both of people and of the representatives of extraterrestrial races. The interplanetary ship is subordinated to the Space Fleet of Earth. The goal of the crew is a research activity. The crew face with the wonders and amazing adventures, which are rich in open space. And also daily they solve common problems that are known to any creation in the team in the workplace. This interplanetary ship is under the command of a man named Ed Mercer. He has just went through a difficult divorce, got a new job and decided to plunge into writing a fresh chapter in his life. Suddenly, our hero discovers that his ex-wife is sent to serve here.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Anglo-American spy thriller “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” whose protagonists Eggsy and Merlin are turning for help to their colleagues from the US to find members of the villainous organization that destroyed their headquarters. The main characters are sent from London to the United States. And there, having received support from the organization “Statesman” plan to find and destroy criminals. However, their plan fails when it turns out that the main villain is a criminal genius. By the way she decided to destroy the whole world.


Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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Thor: Ragnarok

The plot of the movie “Thor: Ragnarok” reveals events that occur after Thor, through many years of absence, returns to Asgard. This decision was provoked by Loki, who tricked the throne with a clever deception. His reign disastrously affected Asgard, all his actions led to chaos on the planet. Loki has been under the influence of dark forces for a long time and is doing everything for Ragnarok to come. In Scandinavian mythology, this means the death of all things, that is, not only gods, but all living things. But besides Loki’s brother, an even more dangerous foe appears. This is the longtime enemy of the father – the fiery demon Surtur, who has long dreamed that the prophecy of the Ragnarok offensive would come true. To stop the Day of Judgment, Thor will have to enter into a clever deal with the demon and defeat Hela.

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

The movie “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain” is about Eric LeMarque, who was a very good hockey player. But the constant stress and physical trauma have done their job. Eric began to use a strong psychostimulant, which is classified as a drug. Of course this led to extremely negative consequences and hockey remains in the past. Once, he falls into an accident. The mother of the former hockey player Susan takes him. Seven days later, the court should be held and LeMarque decided to spend this week in a small house, which is located near the tourist base. Eric still can not live without adrenaline. He got carried away by snowboarding and wants to ride on the snowy mountains. It was an ordinary day on February 6, 2004. Weather forecasters promised a worse weather, but LeMarque did not pay any attention to the warning. Eric started another descent when the snowstorm rose. The man is lost and now he needs to get to the nearest mountain in order to signal the rescuers.


Thunderbirds Are Go (season 2)

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21 episodes

Remake of the hit 1960’s “Supermarionation” television show. In the 21st century, Jeff Tracy, a former astronaut, amasses a colossal fortune and decides that he must use it to benefit others. His answer to this desire is to create International Rescue, a unique private emergency response service equipped with customized designed vehicles and equipment that enable the organization to react to any crisis whether it be in sea, air, land, or space. Jeff’s five sons volunteer to operate as the pilots and field agents, as well as “Brains” (real name unknown) who acts as the teams’ technical developer and engineer. In addition, Jeff’s friend, Kyrano and his daughter Tanusha aka Kayo (based on the original series Tin-Tin character) agree to be the support staff. In addition to the field team, IR also maintains an intelligence network with Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her ex-con chauffeur, Parker as the chief agents in this arm. The series depicts this team as they answer various calls for…


The Shannara Chronicles (season 2)

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10 episodes

The events of the second season of the TV series “The Shannara Chronicles” continue to tell the story of the young princess Amber and the last of the Shannar genus – Ville. They, along with the thief Eretria had to find a way to restore Elkris, locking all the demons back. Their adventure ended with the fact that they saved all four kingdoms from evil demons who rebelled and wanted to seize power and rule the whole world. To fight them, the Elves teamed with the Dwarves and together they were ready to attack them. But everything went well, and Amber united with Elkris, saved everyone. (more…)


Frontier (season 2)

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6 episodes

The plot of the series “Frontier” tells us about the events that take place at the end of the eighteenth century, just at the time when fierce battles for the right to take trade “into their own hands” were going on in America. Business has to be conducted in very difficult conditions of brutal confrontation of the indigenous tribes and the Europeans who have come in large numbers to the continent. This series has references to historical themes, but it also has another genre – adventure, despite the fact that it has a lot of cruelty, drama and murders. The plot has a large number of intriguing moments, which, one way or the other, disclose plots and plans that are at great risk. Heroes avoid their death and after, survival goes into the background, and we see how people try to trust and be committed to each other.