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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” is an adventure comedy that returns to the screens of the concept of an unusual game that improbably affects the players. It all starts with the fact that a group of teenagers will discover a mysterious video game that will drag them into themselves. There they have to reincarnate in their game avatars, become the chosen characters. Naturally, as in any game, the number of lives can be very limited, so that in order to stay alive, the main characters need to explore their abilities, discover new abilities of the characters and, of course, act together, avoiding conflicts in their company, and showing friendship, help and mutual assistance. And most importantly, they need not only to go through the game, but also to find their way back! (more…)


Strike Back (season 6)

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Strike Back

10 episodes

The action-packed television series “Strike Back” is based on the novel by the British writer Chris Ryan of the same name. The plot dates back to 2003, on the eve of the invasion of Allied forces in Iraq. A special unit led by British special forces sergeant John Porter is sent to the hotspot for a special operation to rescue the hostages. In the course of its conduct, Porter falls into a rather complicated situation, and the decision he adopted leads to the death of two members of the detachment, as a result of which the sergeant is dismissed from the army. Pursued by a sense of guilt, John sinks into a deep depression, and his life begins to gradually collapse. Seven years later, the ward of Porter, Hugh Collinson, with whom they participated in that very failed operation, became the head of one of the MI6 reconnaissance divisions. Collinson goes to his former commander, and invites him to take part in a special operation that will give Porter an opportunity to return to Iraq, and thus atone for his guilt.


24 Hours to Live (2017)

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24 Hours to Live

It is told in the movie “24 Hours to Live” about the killer with the principles. He has a spiritual throwing on the ground of boundless love for the family and the tragedy associated with them, which he pours alcohol. And it does not do without illegal drugs, but work is work. And now one miscalculation entails fatal consequences, it seems everything is over. At the forefront, the topic is a non-medical breakthrough, which unfortunately was made not by people who care for the common good. (more…)


Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

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Keeping Up with the Joneses

This spy movie “Keeping Up with the Joneses” will tell us a story about the Gaffney family – the standard family where the father works, my mother leads life and often funny and not very clever thoughts come to her head. Yes, she definitely would not be hampered by a hobby or any other useful occupation. Once, when the children leave the house, and Daddy finally can quietly do business, new neighbors break into their lives. More precisely, Madam Gaffney puts his nose into other people’s affairs, because unlike simple and boring housewives and her husband – new people in their town, and part-time and well-known neighbors bloggers. Each develops in its own sphere. The lady is a connoisseur of food, her husband is a writer-traveler. And for a quiet town they are very bright personalities. And it haunts curious madam Gaffney. Especially there is much free time, why not to start shadowing?


Knightfall (season 1)

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10 episodes

The series “Knightfall” tells about the powerful and brave Templars who survived numerous persecutions from both opponents and allies. Who would have thought that the pope, who had gathered such a mighty army, would himself pursue his representatives for the purpose of execution for treachery, which they did not commit. Defeat in the Holy Land is a failure of the military plan, but in the armies of the Templars there are no cowards and traitors. People who devoted themselves to the service of the Order were faithful to Clement Fifth and King Philip the Fourth. The protagonist of this story is the brave Sir Landry, who is at the head of the crusading army. He with pain in his heart is experiencing a failure of the crusading army in the Holy Land. However, when information appears about the Holy Grail, hope in the best appears in the heart of the protagonist again.


The Librarians (season 4)

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The Librarians

12 episodes

The story of the series “The Librarians” is based on a series of well-known movies. This person lived a normal life, not suspecting that soon he will have a new job. And the outcome of this work will decide the fate of the whole planet! The main character is forced to take on a huge responsibility. Some ancient magical artifacts are stored in the library, which is more than a thousand years old. In order to protect ancient artifacts, a strong team is needed. That’s why the protagonist decides to recruit young people in his group, each of them in his own way is good in military affairs, fighting against representatives of a different world and just those who know anything about dark magic in the real world. The main acting characters stand up for the protection of the library. They are confident that they will manage to cope with such a responsible and difficult task, despite the fact that more and more villains are becoming more and more each day, and each of them dreams to capture the relics that will gain power over the whole world.


Hunter’s Prayer (2017)

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According to the plot of the movie “Hunter’s Prayer” parents of the teenage girl are killed, and the killer at this time should shoot her, but she reminds him of her daughter and now the guy starts to protect her, as the main bandit sends other killers to the insurance. The protagonist is a drug addict, he constantly breaks down and he constantly tries to prick to continue his work. The movie opens up a human reality in which there is always a choice between good and evil. As well as the protagonist of the plot, anyone can roll into the abyss, but there is always a small, but still a chance to return everything back. (more…)


Rise of the Footsoldier 3 (2017)

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Rise of the Footsoldier 3

The protagonist of the movie “Rise of the Footsoldier” enjoys life on the verge of the law. He disgusts a quiet existence. Over the years, spent in the criminal world, he gained status and respect. Pat learns about the existence of a black market, where everything sticks, from drugs to weapons. And his purpose immediately becomes to seize this market. There are huge amounts of money and being the master of this market means to forget about poverty and the need to work. Now the only goal of the main hero is to seize this market and turn it into his territory. (more…)


The Brave (season 1)

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13 episodes

The series “The Brave” narrate about Patricia Campbell, who works in a special department in the intelligence of the United States of America. She is the deputy director of this organization and of course is responsible for the lives of many people. By the nature of her work here are the best specialists in her team, each in their field. They are all true professionals of their business. And each of them has special analytical skills and the ability to work in a team. And such cohesion necessarily brings its results and the opportunity to achieve the set goal and objective.


Jungle (2017)

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According to the plot of the movie “Jungle” is about a group of people, who goes to the jungles of Bolivia with one stranger. The movie is divided into two halves. The first hour, the characters just travel through the jungle. We have beautiful views of these dangerous places. Unknown spiders and bugs frighten one species, and stormy rivers rush into boundless seas. In the second half before us is a story in which a person goes mad from loneliness, remembers the past and at any cost fights for life. (more…)