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Atlantic Rim: Resurrection

The new movie “Atlantic Rim: Resurrection” will tell us about invasion of huge monsters. They return on our planet but – stronger and more terrible and better prepared than before. This time they have allies on Earth, pursuing their mysterious goals and not stopping to use the alien invaders to reach them. The main blow of the creatures is directed to Los Angeles.


Troy: Fall of a City (season 1)

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8 episodes

This new series “Troy: Fall of a City” was created for the BBC One TV channel with cooperation with Netflix. It will be a mini-series that will consist of only 8 episodes with a duration of 55 minutes. The story line is based on the Trojan War. And the love between Elena and Paris. The project will reveal in more detail the greatest war of antiquity. Then how staunchly stood the city of Troy for raids and attempts to capture it. But still could not resist the well-thought-out plan for his capture. (more…)


Game Over, Man! (2018)

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Game Over, Man!

Three loser friends at last have approached the first success — they just about will have a video game. But on the eve of the presentation they learn that their main sponsor has got in hostages in the hotel occupied by terrorists. Without counting on police, friends go to revenue to the benefactor, in hope to manage to save the video game in the best traditions of superheroes from comics. “Game Over, Man!” — the extremely topical comedy of Netflix studio about three blunderers trying to become supermen.

7 Guardians of the Tomb

The businessman Mason sends the employee Luke for excavation of the temple of the ancient Chinese emperor in the movie “7 Guardians of the Tomb”. After a while communication with Luke and his group vanishes. Then Mason addresses Luke’s sister for her to organize an expedition on rescue of the brother. When the girl appears in an underground labyrinth which conducts to the temple, she finds out that the entrance to a shrine is protected by hordes of poisonous spiders. “7 Guardians of the Tomb” — the adventure thriller of coproduction of China, Australia, Russia and Thailand.


Bomb City (2017)

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Bomb City

In this criminal drama “Bomb City”, the attitude of the whole human society to subcultures (in this movie to punks) is believable. The society is rude, tactless and tries to survive from its country in their opinion “infection” in society. Punks, in turn, try to prove that they are the same people as everyone, only with their vital position, which other people should try to understand and accept. But neither one nor another wants to hear each other. That is why there are conflicts of interest that turn into cruelty. American justice in this situation is powerless.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

The action of the animated film “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” takes place in 1889 in Gotham, where there is a Victorian Batman. And he tries to stop Jack the Ripper, who has declared a hunt for women. Batman skillfully combines his skills with city knowledge and stunts of illusionists, so for the Gotham police he is considered an elusive criminal interfering in the affairs of law enforcement. In the animated film there are a lot of spectacular fights, but the best of them are those in which Batman fights with Jack the Ripper. It’s not just a worthy Bruce opponent – it’s the one who is better than him in everything.


Black Panther (2018)

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Black Panther

After the death of his father, T’Challa wore not only the crown of the ruler, but also a high-tech black suit. All super technologies come from the unique material of the vibranium. Once upon a time a meteorite fell on the territory of Africa and several tribes united to build a better state at the site of its fall, and the same vibranium served as such a powerful leap in development that allowed local engineers to produce truly unique things. In trying to support his father’s policies, he tracks down the dangerous terrorist, who discovered and stole an artifact from the vibe of the museum. However, it soon becomes clear that this is the lesser of the existing problems, because in the shadows the enemy is much more dangerous, which can overturn the foundations and arrange a civil war almost overnight. (more…)


Jessica Jones (season 2)

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Jessica Jones

13 episodes

Who is Jessica Jones? Broken by life, not believing in good, a girl who has obvious problems with alcohol. She does not believe in herself, does not want to recognize herself as a hero, she is humbled by her former actions. She lives and works as a private detective in the same room. With neighbors, she was unlucky, as with clients in principle. And everything for her would be good except the former man who has spoiled all her past and intends to spoil the future.


Stargate Origins (season 1)

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Stargate Origins

10 episodes

In the new series “Stargate Origins” there will be 10 episodes in which they will talk about the life of Catherine Langford in 1928 (the character appeared in different parts of the franchise, and she was played by different actresses every time) and her attempt to save the world from an unknown threat. In the series, we’ll see how it all began. New series will try to preserve the underlying outline of the story, while showing a completely different story. The plot will focus on the previously secondary character Catherine Langford. According to the mythology of the series, it was her father who first discovered the Stargate in 1928 during excavations in Giza. This amazing archaeological find has radically influenced the life of the girl and later she decided to shine herself to the exploration of the cosmos and the stars. (more…)


Star Wars: Rebels (season 4)

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Star Wars: Rebels

15 episodes

This story is made in an unusual for the Universe – cartoon style. The series “Star Wars: Rebels” tells us about the events that developed between the third and fourth episodes of the famous saga. In the center of attention is the crew of a small spacecraft called “Ghost.” The main characters are in a real trap. They are ready to fight for their lives, ready to participate in the global war, but what will freedom cost them? The fight against the Galactic Empire is a difficult and thankless task. A lot of brave warriors fell at the hands of the Imperials, but ahead of the main characters there are many difficulties and many big victories. Perhaps, they will manage to turn the course of the war, despite their small number and imperfect technical equipment.