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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Amanda Waller again recruits villains who, by installing explosives in the neck and giving them a very important one can say “personal” task – to steal a card that suddenly turns out to be a “magical trip to Paradise”. “Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay” – it’s a road-movie where a lot of bright personalities hunt for a card and get into no less vivid adventures along the way. Treason, betrayal, pursuit of personal goals – all this you will find in this cartoon.


Den of Thieves (2018)

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Den of Thieves

The Californian bandits with the military past under supervision of Ray Merrimer (Pablo Schreiber) hijack the truck of collectors and shoot police officers who try to prevent them. Investigation is undertaken by the detective Nick O’Brien (Gerard Butler) from department of especially serious crimes who openly neglects the charter and calls himself “the bandit with a badge”. While Nick and his people puzzle why to shed blood for the sake of the empty car, Ray and his gang plan attack on office of the Federal reserve – the most protected federal building in Los Angeles. Nick manages to turn one of subordinates Ray into the police informer, but Merrimer’s plan provides special attention of cops.


Ash vs Evil Dead (season 3)

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Ash vs Evil Dead

10 episodes

Since the events of the famous trilogy “The Evil Dead” 30 years have passed and the sinister dead come again to our world, the same grotesque-trash-vile, with whitish eyes on the roll, able to turn their heads 180 degrees, briskly run on the ceiling, for the time pretend to be normal people. And most importantly – like all the dead, aggressive and actively replenishing their population at the expense of the people around them. Who, and how, will stop this threat? On the warpath in the series “Ash vs Evil Dead” again comes the magnificent and inimitable Ash (Bruce Campbell), with the help of his chainsaw, which literally became the continuation of his severed brush and a couple as eccentric as he friends.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The flames returned memories to the boys, but they still have more questions than answers. The main character of the third part of the famous youth franchise “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is the guy Thomas, to lead the final, but the most dangerous mission is led by a squad of surviving gladers. They will have to penetrate the so-called Last City, which is controlled by the organization WCKD. There they will be able to find all the information they need, but even after the end of all the lies, the truth may be much worse than Thomas could have imagined. However, WCKD can not be trusted, and they themselves are no longer able to control absolutely everything around. The main characters need not just to get to the truth and free their friends, but also to find a cure for the terrible disease that destroyed most of the world’s population.


Beyond the Edge (2018)

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The main character in the movie “Beyond the Edge” is a virtuoso scam artist named Michael. He started another bold crime in one of the largest casinos and spent several months to implement his clever plan. However, its verified to a millimeter plan begins to fall apart like a house of cards, when suddenly on the horizon another scam appears unexpectedly – Alex, who has amazing paranormal abilities. As a result, he not only leads Michael around his finger, but also puts in front of the casino for a very large amount of money.


Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

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Pacific Rim: Uprising

Ten years after the events of the first “Pacific Rim”, humanity with grief regained consciousness after the invasion of huge monsters from the parallel dimension and tries to live a normal life. The heroes of that war became legends – someone during life, and someone posthumously. The old robot-huntsmen were replaced by new, improved models, and the Chinese corporations are busy with the development of ranger-drones, managed remotely and minimizing the human factor. But without pilots of the old tempering will not be enough when the bottom of the Pacific Ocean will again open up the faults, from which the monsters-kaiju, carrying chaos and destruction will climb.


Black Lightning (season 1)

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Black Lightning

13 episodes

The American Fantastic TV series “Black Lightning” is dedicated to the superhero Black Lightning, who can conduct and control electricity. Years ago, he made a promise to his wife and children, that he would give up the fight against evil in order to devote more time to the family. A few years later, the protagonist understands that his act led to a huge increase in crime in the city. He decides to return to the fight against crime.


Scorpion (season 4)

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22 episodes

The exciting series “Scorpion” are based on real events. In the center of the series is a young guy – Walter O’Brien, who has a very powerful intellect. He was very different from his childhood, because while children were playing outdoors, Walter was sitting at home at the computer and hacking the protective systems of the largest US organizations. Thanks to his mental abilities, he turned all his tricks easily and with a great deal of professionalism. But despite this, he was always very quickly caught. When Walter grew up, he hired a team of five high-class specialists, who now work for the security services of the United States, helping to deal with the most dangerous threats.


18 episodes

The series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ” will tell about Rip Hunter – a brilliant inventor and time traveler, after seeing a terrible future, is sent in our time to assemble a team of modern heroes and villains, trying to avoid the apocalypse. With some effort, Hunter manages to find a group of people who have phenomenal abilities. Our heroes have to go to another era to stop the terrible Vandal Savage, who was going to destroy not only the whole world, but also Time in general. Will this team be able to defeat the immortal evil, absolutely unlike what they saw before? (more…)


Proud Mary (2018)

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Proud Mary

The movie “Proud Mary” tells the story of a woman who is engaged in very dangerous and obviously not women stuff, but in one day her life changes. The main character is Mary. She is very beautiful woman who is able and likes to be in good shape and to be in everything independent. Every day, standing in front of the mirror, she admires herself, her body really looks smartly. She trains muscles, doing them almost steel, does a make-up to be even brighter, dresses to look sexual, but at the same time not to attract attention. She has an imperious and confident look, she is a proud and free person.