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Dexter (season 3)

4,157 views Comments (11)

Dexter Showtime poster season 3 2008

12 episodes

In the third season of Dexter there is a real friend – Attorney Miguel Prado, who soon finds out about the murders, and decides to use Dexter for his own purposes. Dexter marries Rita, who is expecting his child. (more…)


Dexter (season 2)

3,726 views Comments (10)

Dexter Showtime season 2 2007 poster

12 episodes

Dexter continues to meet with a girl, Rita Bennett, to maintain “normal” appearance. The police find the burial place of maniacs who were killed by Dexter. Dexter’s colleague, who always treat him badly – Sergeant James Doakes – starts shadowing him. A girl named Lila appears In Dexter’s personal life. She is a consultant company Narcotics Anonymous. (more…)


Dexter (season 1)

6,368 views Comments (9)

Dexter Showtime poster season 1 2006

12 episodes

At the age of three years, Dexter Morgan witnessed the massacre of his mother. After that he was adopted by a prominent Miami cop Harry Morgan, who recognized Dexter’s sociopathic tendencies and taught him to direct the growing thirst for killing in useful direction – to kill only those who deserve it: criminals who escaped justice because of loopholes in the laws or lack of evidence. Now Dexter works in the Miami Police Department. He is an expert on blood spatter analysis. In accordance with the Harry’ instructions Dexter cleverly mimics human emotions, so as not to stand out among the others. (more…)


The Big C (season 4)

2,444 views Comments (9)

The Big C Showtime season 4 2013 poster

4 episodes

The continuing story of how a mother coping with her cancer diagnosis. This season will explain last year’s cliffhanger in which Cathy left her family to go sailing with a stranger after she realized she had nothing to return home to. (more…)


Shameless (season 3)

17,832 views Comments (5)

Shameless Showtime season 3 poster

12 episodes

Season three of Shameless finds each member of the Gallagher family seeking their individual version of the “American Dream.” Jimmy has moved into the Gallagher home, and Fiona is beginning to realize that a long-term relationship isn’t nearly as fulfilling as she expected… and her GED will only get her so far. Meanwhile, Frank reappears south of the border, with no idea how he got there. (more…)


House of Lies (season 2)

7,945 views Comments (11)

House of Lies Showtime season 2 2013 poster

12 episodes

Marty and the Pod adjust to the “new” Galweather Stearn in the aftermath of the sexual harassment scandal. Interim CEO, Julianne Hofschrager, needs Marty to live up to his reputation of being a fearless closer but that expectation poses a challenge when Marty consults with Mr. Pincus, a valued client no one in the company knows. Meanwhile, Jeannie relives haunting memories from a drunken night out and Marty struggles to patch things up with his son Roscoe. (more…)


Californication (season 6)

58,902 views Comments (18)

Californication season 6 showtime 2013 poster

12 episodes

The finale of the fifth season was bright and colorful. In the new season Hank Moody may have survived a murder-suicide attempt by his lovelorn ex, Carrie, but she’s still haunting his dreams. Charlie takes his best friend and star client to meet rocker Atticus Fetch about giving “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” the Broadway treatment. A revelation about Becca prompts a tailspin that causes Charlie, Karen and Marcy to take action with Hank. (more…)


Dexter (season 7)

65,278 views Comments (85)

Dexter Showtime season 7 2012 poster

12 episodes

I am Dexter. Dexter Morgan. I work as forensic scientist in Miami police . I do not understand love, I care about sex, and I have no feelings. And I’m a serial killer… (more…)


Homeland (season 2)

81,756 views Comments (50)

Homeland Showtime season 2 2012 poster

12 episodes

Scott Brodie – Marine Corps sergeant who was captured in Iraq after eight years, here turns home to his family. And then it all starts … In new season: a former asset threatens Carrie’s peace; Brody learns Nazir may not be happy with a non-violent approach; Dana lets a secret slip. (more…)


Weeds (season 8)

6,410 views Comments (17)

weeds Showtime season 8 2012 poster

13 episodes

TV series “Weeds”  is not about the fight against drugs and how drug use is harmful,  opinion represented here  entirely on the other side. Nancy lives in the American suburbs, where everyone has his own arcana. To feed his family, she becomes a dealer of marijuana. (more…)