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White Famous (season 1)

3,650 views Comments (0)

White Famous

10 episodes

The focus of the new series “White Famous” – Floyd Mooney. This young man is a rather talented comedian who believes that he has a great career, full of tours, fans and money. The main character receives an offer from a famous director to appear in a film and play a woman. Will Floyd succeed in finding the strength in such a responsible and insane step? Lack of life experience, and often a lack of material resources, puts the main character in an extremely delicate position in the social system. (more…)


Ray Donovan (season 6)

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Coming Soon episodes

Arriving in Los Angeles, Ray Donovan founded a kind of business. He eliminates the consequences of the rampant improper behavior of celebrities. Ray is famous for the fact that he solves the human difficulties in a jewelry way, there is also the concealment of adultery, and always provided with an alibi, and even the absence of evidence in the place, after the crime happened. In money, Ray does not have problems, his clients are very well-off and famous people, public figures, they all want to avoid scandals. And so his cloudless working life would proceed, if his father had not left the prison. Daddy was behind the jail with the help of his son and now is eager to avenge. He is going to give out not quite legal business of the son to the FBI.


Ray Donovan (season 5)

14,528 views Comments (2)


12 episodes

The solution of all problems comes together with “Ray Donovan”. This is the person who has huge patience and a tremendous opportunity to solve someone’s problems of any level. The price is high, but you have nobody to address any more. Ray considers that desperate situations don’t happen, there is only a lack of financing. He has the agency where true professionals work. It would seem, it is difficult to imagine a problem with which our main character Ray Donovan couldn’t cope. But such problem is and it is a problem of generations, education, attention and just all of the burden of week family life.


Episodes (season 5)

2,307 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

A witty comedy tells of one British married couple who are terribly popular in their homeland, thanks to the authorship of the super-popular sitcom Lyman’s Boys. At the BAFTA Award ceremony, where the couple receives the next award, they are approached by the producer of an American television channel with a tempting offer to come to Los Angeles and participate in the adaptation of their home TV show to a foreign audience. To their misfortune Lincolns agree and fall into the backstage of American television, which causes them almost panic.


Dice (season 2)

6,290 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The dramatic TV series “Chicago Fire” tells about the representatives of some of the most difficult and dangerous professions, such as firefighters. Every day they have to risk their lives in spite of everything, for the sake of saving other people. However, such dedication and devotion to work very often leads to personal losses. Such work, of course, interferes with personal life and leads to that fact that a relationship with a woman or marriage can simply fall apart. Parting and losing are eternal companions to the lives of people who work too hard.


Twin Peaks (season 3)

21,411 views Comments (9)


18 episodes

You never know why absolutely different people make an excellent tandem. It is just that case when two main characters of legendary drama series “Twin Peaks” which was created by the talented director David Lynch together with the screenwriter Mark Frost, investigate the most terrible crimes. The premiere of series was held in far 1990.
The new series promise to tell us about continuation of story which slightly opened the mysteries of the town Twin Peaks. Where there was a strange and mysterious murder to which investigation there has arrived the legendary special FBI agent – Cooper.



Homeland (season 4)

35,993 views Comments (67)

Homeland poster Showtime season 4 2014

12 episodes

At the end of last season Carrie pregnant with the late Brody’s baby, along with her mentor Saul Berenson, brought a significant and much-needed win for the agency and country at large. The new season tells the story of Carrie and her evolution as CIA officer but also as a woman, who now turns out to be a mother. (more…)


Shameless (season 1)

8,787 views Comments (13)

Shameless Showtime season 1 2011 poster

12 episodes

The plot of the series revolves around the Gallagher family. Shiftless parents mired in drunkenness. The whole family is held by the eldest daughter Fiona. In addition, Papa Frank often deceives his children, whom he has five (Lip, Debbie, Ian, Carl and Liam), not counting Fiona. Children constantly fall into different stories and trying to grow up faster with the support of a loving sister. (more…)


Guerrilla (season 1)

2,793 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

A pair of activists in 1970s London set out to free a political prisoner and wage a resistance movement.


Billions (season 2)

9,378 views Comments (6)


12 episodes

 Location – the world of big money, the city of New York. It is a city of great opportunities, big financial frauds and conflicts of influential people ambitions. And not all transactions take place in the framework of the law. In the series face two characters – Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod. The prosecutor and the billionaire. What will lead this confrontation between experienced politician and ambitious rich man?..