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I’m Dying Up Here (season 2)

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I'm Dying Up Here

7 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “I’m Dying Up Here” are employees and regulars of a humorous club. There is an atmosphere of laughter and fun, but the life of the comedians is hardly like a sketch show. So, a guy named Adam has to fight with himself to go out on stage every day and cheer people up. Constantly quarreling and experiencing serious problems in their personal lives, the comedians every day go on stage to amuse the audience. They do their work even in those moments when it is difficult to pull their own smile.


Patrick Melrose (season 1)

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Patrick Melrose

5 episodes

The series “Patrick Melrose” is a five-series adaptation of a series of books by Edward St. Aubyn about a child with very wealthy parents, but completely destroyed by the psyche. The story itself covers a fairly long period from the 1960s to the 2000s. At the same time, each series tells about one day of Patrick’s life. The hero grew up in cruelty, in his childhood his father beat him; becoming an adult, Patrick tries to cope with depression with the help of alcohol, drugs and adventures.


Billions (season 3)

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12 episodes

The series “Billions” is about the life of financiers, about everyday life of traders, about exchange games. Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) is a billionaire, genius and master of the huge hedge fund Ax Capital. Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) is the federal prosecutor of New York State, dreaming of Bobby to be imprisoned. Put him behind bars beautifully, loudly and for long, and then on the wave of popularity to make a serious political career. “Billions” describe an exciting game of cat and mouse between a rich man who does not want to be imprisoned, and a careerist who needs to be rich by any means – because it’s a matter of principle.


Homeland (season 7)

15,816 views Comments (4)


12 episodes

Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer is on post-trial supervision in the way of completing a risky Baghdad maneuver. Accordingly, she was reallocated to Counter mongering focus. In Iraq Carrie had a warning about American detainee, turned by terrorists of Al-Qaeda. When marine Nicholas Brody was saved after he has been held as a prisoner since early 2003, she presumes that he could be that person. While sergeant is going home as a hero, Carrie is doing everything that is crucial to get him out. (more…)


10 episodes

American leader Donald Trump became the main character of new comic animated series “Our Cartoon President”. In this cartoon, Trump conducts a meeting, meets with advisers and flips through television channels in the company of his wife Melanie Trump. The show’s creators promise that viewers will see “difficult decisions”, “closest allies”, “formidable enemies” of the president, and also get a share of romance. The series is created by the cable channel Showtime (part of CBS Corporation’s media holding), the show was produced by comedian and TV host Stephen Colbert.


The Chi (season 1)

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The Chi

10 episodes

Before us, there is the series under the uncomplicated name “The Chi”. In the focus of the plot is a small town where seemingly ordinary people live. However, each of them is connected by some thread of mysterious events, in which both adults and children are bogged down. Each character has his own personal difficulties and professional problems that will somehow influence the events in the city. You will find a series of interesting and intricate plot moves, each of which foreshadows a surprising outcome and unexpected discovery.


Shameless (season 8)

7,931 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

We invite you to watch the new season of the famous series “Shameless.” In the focus of the plot is the Gallagher family. It would seem that these people are completely hopeless, because the father constantly drinks, completely forgetting about his children. However, it soon becomes clear that a brave and responsible girl named Fiona, who is the elder sister for all other children in the family, is able to take responsibility and hang on her shoulders the task of educating her loved ones. The main heroine decides to get a job to help the family. However, for the time being she does not have time for personal life, because she has to work hard, and then do homework, and then do household chores. Also in the family there was a new dark-skinned child. How it happened – no one cares.


SMILF (season 1)

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8 episodes

Sometimes it is not easy to find your place in life when you are more than twenty years old, and you still have, in addition, a child. You need to take care of your baby, you need to find a job and, in the best case, normalize your personal life. The main characters of this series “SMILF” are Bridget Byrd and her entourage. The girl struggles to keep and be strong, despite all the problems that her experience for strength! The story of this heroine tells about the life of the show actress, who also had to face difficulties at a young age. This is a project about Frankie Shaw, who survived all the horrors and complexities of youth and became a screenwriter and an actress.


White Famous (season 1)

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White Famous

10 episodes

The focus of the new series “White Famous” – Floyd Mooney. This young man is a rather talented comedian who believes that he has a great career, full of tours, fans and money. The main character receives an offer from a famous director to appear in a film and play a woman. Will Floyd succeed in finding the strength in such a responsible and insane step? Lack of life experience, and often a lack of material resources, puts the main character in an extremely delicate position in the social system. (more…)


Ray Donovan (season 6)

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Coming Soon episodes

Arriving in Los Angeles, Ray Donovan founded a kind of business. He eliminates the consequences of the rampant improper behavior of celebrities. Ray is famous for the fact that he solves the human difficulties in a jewelry way, there is also the concealment of adultery, and always provided with an alibi, and even the absence of evidence in the place, after the crime happened. In money, Ray does not have problems, his clients are very well-off and famous people, public figures, they all want to avoid scandals. And so his cloudless working life would proceed, if his father had not left the prison. Daddy was behind the jail with the help of his son and now is eager to avenge. He is going to give out not quite legal business of the son to the FBI.