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Elementary (season 6)

2,794 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

This series “Elementary” is another modern version of the famous Sherlock Holmes, his heirs with ingenious powers of observation, keen intelligence and the ability to use new technologies. In each series there is a disclosure of the next case-riddle, which is inaccessible to anyone except Sherlock. Cases do not get to see right away. In “Elementary” we see a super mind, but the hero needs help from the police, Watson, friends, people who need a detective service.


Ransom (season 2)

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10 episodes

Smooth breathing, self-confidence and complete control of the situation. This is all that is needed from the negotiator who has contacted the terrorists. Who would have thought that there are such strong people who are able to communicate quietly with real scoundrels and criminals. Of course, their task is to save people and complete elimination of the terrorist organization. The protagonist of the series “Ransom” is Eric Beaumont. Around him there are the best of the best in their business. He is a negotiator who communicates with the most dangerous criminals from around the world. Who would have thought that his whole life was like a process of negotiations as tense and heavy.


Instinct (season 1)

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11 episodes

In the center of the plot of the detective series “Instinct” is the former CIA operative, Dr. Dylan Reinhart. Leaving the service for the government, he started writing and fell at the university course on human behavior. His students adore him, he loves his new job, writes another book and lives a quiet, measured life. But one day he is approached by a detective of the police department of New York. She asks him to help catch a serial maniac, who already has several victims on his account. The murderer uses his first book as a textbook and his experience will be indispensable in his capture.


Strange Angel (season 1)

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Strange Angel

1 episodes

The series “Strange Angel” tells about the famous rocket engineer and occultist. In the 1930s, Jack Parsons, who had been fond of jet life since childhood, began working as a cleaner at a chemical plant in Los Angeles. Soon, thanks to his innate talent and ambitions, Parsons was able to begin the American rocket industry and became one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The life of this amazing and eccentric person was full of secrets, sexual addictions and fantastic events, still causing a lot of controversy.


Code Black (season 3)

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8 episodes

“Code Black” is a new project on medical topics, telling about the work of doctors at the Los Angeles Hospital. These people day after day save lives of victims in accidents or in emergency situations. The main heroine of the project, Leanne Rorish and her colleagues, face problems with providing medical services every day. Responsibility for the mess should be borne by top executives, but they are cleverly covered by simple doctors. Temporarily we have to close our eyes to this, in order to continue to work quietly and save the patients who arrived at the ambulance to the walls of the hospital.


The Good Fight (season 2)

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The Good Fight

13 episodes

Drama series “The Good Fight” continues to talk about the successful lawyer Diane Lockhart. As a result of financial fraud, she loses everything and is forced to leave the law firm “Lockhart and Lee”. Also, the failures are pursued by the God daughter of Diana, Maia, a young lawyer. Women are forced to look for a new company, where they could continue their work. Such a haven becomes the firm of Lucca Quinn. In the second season, Diana will have a new business partner, with whom she will have an unspoken rivalry. (more…)


24 episodes

“NCIS” is a series about the adventures of a team of professional special agents who investigate crimes related to Marines. Each of them has its own charisma, character, inexpressible sense of humor and aristocratic self-restraint of some characters, and it’s really interesting to watch the actors opening them from different sides. The big plus is that in every new episode we see a completely new detective story that is not related to the previous one. Among other things in this series there is a storyline that shows the relationship between the police.


Man with a Plan (season 2)

30,707 views Comments (0)

Man with a Plan

21 episodes

Like most men, Adam Burns was confident that it was easy to lead a household and raise children. Being a breadwinner, providing a family financially is much more difficult! But now Adam has the opportunity to learn from his own experience what it’s like to deal with children and home, he has to get to know the solution of domestic problems, the issues of upbringing, because his wife – Marie decided that she is enough, she does not want to be a housewife, and intends to start working. Adam and Marie change places. And if Marie had an idea of ​what she was waiting for at work, and how her life would be formed, then Adam was waiting for many discoveries! He was left alone with three children and was surprised to find that they were not such sweet little angels as they had seemed to him before! The head of the family considered himself an excellent father, but did not know his children at all, and did not know what they were capable of!


NCIS: Los Angeles (season 9)

19,845 views Comments (0)

NCIS: Los Angeles

23 episodes

“Naval Police: Los Angeles” (NCIS: Los Angeles) – is a TV series about the hard work of the department to combat dangerous criminals. They have to hide all the time under the names of others and use the latest technology to stay unnoticed. Jay Cullen masterfully implements the criminals. Sam Hannah is an experienced fighter who took part in wars. Kens Bly is a smart girl, adoring risk, and Nate Goetz is a brilliant psychologist. Working in a team the main characters can do much. They are confident of supporting each other and are trying to do everything possible to protect the population and national interests of the country. (more…)


Madam Secretary (season 4)

15,282 views Comments (0)

Madam Secretary

22 episodes

The main character of the series “Madam Secretary” is Elizabeth McCord. She spent most of her entire life at the CIA and was accustomed to great responsibility and quick decision making. With the new position of the Secretary of State, she handles quite successfully, but sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that even Elizabeth is unable to change them. From Elizabeth now depends on what the country will look like in the political arena. The woman has tremendous responsibility. Often she has to make decisions very quickly and make a difficult choice. If earlier work took Elizabeth a long time, then the position of the Secretary of State implies full return. (more…)